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This lady’s blog has become one that I totally enjoy reading in my spare time. She makes me think really hard about some of my personal decisions. I have even given up my desire to read 50 Shades of Grey and other erotic stories because between her blog and my preacher’s arguments on the issue, I decided my husband needs to be the one who captures my complete thoughts. Although, in my case, even when I read erotic stories, my husband is the man I’m picturing.

I have no desire for any other person to ever touch me again sexually in any way. He is it for me for the rest of my life. Even if something should happen to our relationship, I know I’d still feel that way because I know we were made for each other.

Anyways, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking lately. I do that quite often, and find that I still struggle with many issues that I struggled with even ten years ago. One day, I’ll get a grip and conquer those issues!! We always have room to grow and learn. 🙂




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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

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  1. I’m going to check out her blog! It’s refreshing to hear someone talking honestly about why they aren’t reading that book. It feels good sometimes to stand with those convictions.


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