How to Sell Your Junk Car for Major Cash

After a lot of consideration, you’ve arrived at a decision regarding your junk car. You know that you can’t depend on it anymore: it’s not a reliable vehicle. It won’t start, and it needs a ton of repair work. At this point, it looks like little more than a big pile of rust. The bottom line is that you need to sell it, and get whatever cash you can for it.

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Here’s the thing, though: you don’t know where or how to sell your junk car. Sure, you’ve sold a car in the past, but this is different. You’re not selling something that’s in tip top condition: you’re trying to find a buyer for a junk car. What should you do? Where can you sell it, and to whom? If you’re wondering how to sell your junk car in New York for major cash, keep reading: we’ll share the tricks of the trade with you.

Create an online classified ad

The most obvious option for selling any used car is to create an online classified ad. Maybe you’ve sold a car this way before and had a good experience: you got a good amount of cash for it, and it wasn’t all that difficult to do.

Unfortunately, things rarely go this smoothly when you’re trying to sell a junk car. Unlike the typical used vehicle, selling a junk car can be rather complicated. The majority of private buyers aren’t interested in buying a clunker: they’re looking for a car that they can rely on. They want to be able to drive away in the vehicle that they buy: they don’t want to have to tow it off and fix it up. So, you might find that you don’t get any offers from an online classified ad.

Sell to a local scrap yard

You can often have more luck finding a buyer for your junk car by working with a local scrap yard or junkyard. These businesses are generally more interested in the scrap metal value of your vehicle, rather than focusing on whether or not it runs. As a result, they’re often more likely to make you an offer on your junk car than a private buyer would be.

There’s one issue here, though. A large number of junkyards are, to put it plainly, scammers. Finding a junkyard you can trust isn’t easy. This makes it difficult to be sure about whether or not the price they’re offering you is fair.

Work with a national junk car company

Working with a private buyer or a local scrap yard can be risky. By comparison, selling your junk car to a national junk car buyer is a safe decision.




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  1. My uncle noticed that one of his old cars is rotting inside his neglected shed for years now. I like your idea of reaching out to a scrap yard since they can take the vehicle and pay him for it. Hopefully, he’d consider selling his old car to a junk car dealer for extra cash.


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