Need Motivation For Your Son to Do School Work?? Try This…

We had the pleasure of getting more office supplies to review. The first thing we got that Jimmy totally loves using is the dry erase clipboard. This clipboard has plenty of room on the inside for storing important papers and also still has room for his dry erase markers and eraser.

This product is item number OIC26255 at the Shoplet store.

I personally wasn’t overly fond of it because it’s made from light plastic material. I didn’t feel as if it would survive traveling use on a regular bases. I’ve had a metal clipboard with an inside space for storing papers when I was a teenager, and it was strong and sturdy. It didn’t have the dry erase function, but personally I don’t fully understand how one is supposed to really use that aspect of the clipboard when you want to use the clip board function too?? Jimmy has tried to use both, but all it did was smear any message that was placed on the dry erase board.  

Like any kid though, he’s finding various ways to use it with his school lessons and storing all of his important papers. He is tickled blue over having it. So, if you have a kid then this is a neat way to get them more engaged in doing school work without argument. 😉

This is item number OIC83382 in the Shoplet store.

This is a product that I enjoy completely! I love the way it swivels around as I need to get various items. It’s made from the same type of plastic as the clipboard, but since it doesn’t have to be toted anywhere it doesn’t matter as much to me.

It also doesn’t look like it has much space to hold items but it honestly does. There is plenty of room for pens, markers, rulers, and so much more on the top. Then of course, you have various sections to place things in the bottom and middle sections. I don’t have much in the way of paper clips and other things, but I did get to show you different sections being used. I will get a lot of use out of this item for sure.

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Disclosure: I did receive these items for free in exchange for a blog review. That in no way effected my opinion of these items.



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