How to Save Money When Decorating Your Dining Room With Second Hand Items

If you’re thinking about decorating your dining room, opting for second-hand items can save you a lot of money. However, before you shell out for accessories and appliances, there are a few things you need to know. Here’s how to save money when decorating your dining room with second-hand items.

Do your research

When buying second-hand items, do your research. Auction websites and local newspapers that sell previously used items should have large, high-resolution photos so you can examine the item before you commit. Look for scratches, dents and anything that might devalue a piece of furniture like a dining table or chair set. If furniture is damaged, you might want to contact the seller and ask if they can reduce the price of the item, saving you money. For more expensive items, you might want to see the product in person before you hand over your cash. There are loads of online sites which can help you find cheap items to redecorate your home. Ebay, pre-loved and are just a few examples of sites which you could use.

Visit car boot sales

Car boot sales are a great place to pick up a bargain! Dining room furniture and accessories, including vases and decorative items, are often available, costing you less than department store prices. Visiting your nearest car boot sale might help you discover vintage items and bargains that you wouldn’t otherwise find on the UK high street. Before you purchase furniture, ask the seller if the item has any wear and tear and take a closer look at the item.

Visit charity shops

Charity shops are another fantastic way to save money on dining room furniture and appliances. Even if you don’t have the resources or time to completely decorate your dining room, making a few small changes can transform the look of your interior space. A new tablecloth or decorative items like photo frames and candle holders can make a huge difference. You’ll be able to find many of these items in charity shops in your local area.

What is your favorite way to save money with your decorations? 



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  1. Shopping second-hand is the best way to save money when decorating your home. 99 per cent of my belongings are from thrift stores and I can honestly say that my entire living room was furnished and decorated for less than $300!

    • That is always a wonderful thing! It’s nice to be able to make a home look wonderful without it costing a fortune.

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