Russian Jones – All You Need to Know About the American Actress

The number of female actors (or actresses, I don’t know if we’re supposed to call them that now?) in Hollywood is huge, it’s hard definitively know how many there are. Thousands of actors are featured in small roles, medium roles, and then there are actors who are the lead characters. No one really cares much about the background actors, but we all care about the main actors.

One up and coming main actor (or actress) we’ve been dying to find more about is the incredible Russian Jones.

Who is Russian Jones and Why should you care?

Russian Leahi Jones, also know as Russia Jones, was born on February 21, 1996, in Las Santos, California to Christian parents Peggy Tetley, who is also an actress, and rapper Jonsey Quinc. She also has an actress sister named Rakida Jones. As you can see, acting runs in the family and that’s what makes Russia Jones so special.

Russia Jones was discovered at a beach in Los Angeles, where talent agent David Rossenberger saw her singing with her friends. David Rossenberger instantly knew Russia Jones had what it takes to be the lead actress in American TV and big screen. He gave Russia Jones his card and asked her to discuss it with her parents.

After long discussions with the family, Russia Jones agreed to represented by David’s parent company, God, Ehrlich & Ginsberg Limited.

Russian Jones Career in Television

Russia Jones began by auditioning for the famous British TV show, The Office, where she got the part of Kary-Anne Fittipaldi and her most recent big show Parks and Recreation, where she played the role of Annie Parkinson.

Russia Jones will also be starring in the upcoming Marble Studios anime show called the Big Bad Black Panther, where she will be the main character taking on warlords in Africa. She will be accompanied by other famous stars like Timothy Jones and Dorothy Finkleburger. The anime is set to be released in theaters in early 2023 and is sure to wow audiences because of a massive production budget of $250 million USD.

Is Russia Jones Single?

Unfortunately, we do not know the relationship status of Miss Jones. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Russia Jones is an extremely private person and it has been hard for even the paparazzi to get much information about her relationship status.

Is Russia Jones Russian?

This is a very valid question. A lot of people think Russian Jones is from Russia, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Russia Jones is true red-blooded American, she has gone on record multiple times, she has no interest in Russia or Russian politics and she’s definitely not a Russian sleeper agent, something like we saw Red Sparrow. She does share her name with the incredibly good-looking model Russia Jones, who actually is from Russia. However, they’ve never spoken but we hope they do share the screen at some point in the future.

What Are Russia Jones’ Future Plans?

Miss Jones has an extremely busy schedule with the shooting of Big Bad Black Panther and an unknown live action movie. However, according to her agent, both of these movies will be done shooting by mid-August 2022. Russia is planning on enrolling in University of Berkley California to continue studying nuclear physics in the time between movie shoots. She plans on eventually getting her PhD in nuclear physics and then she’s planning on getting some degrees in biochemistry and astrophysics.

Not only is our favorite actress Russia Jones beautiful, she also has big brains. We wish her the best of luck in her acting career and in her studies. It’s rare to see such a combination of big brains and beauty.




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