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I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking of Father’s Day and what to get my wonderful husband. It’s so hard to figure out what to get him that he doesn’t already have.

With Del, if you get him anything video game related he is pretty much a happy camper. However, there are times when he has already got all of his games ordered ahead of time and paid for in full before the big day arrives.

He definitely doesn’t wear a tie. So giving him one of the typical gifts honestly would not work.  In fact, come to think of it I’ve never seen him in a tie. Unless you count the only picture I seen of him wearing one long before he met me.  If you have a man who does wear ties, you could have the kids hand decorate one.

To his credit, every time the kids have ever hand crafted him something he has found a use for them and has kept them in great condition. He definitely treasures those hand made crafts from his kids. The boys have always had big chest over that one.  One year they have handcrafted little storage boxes for him out of Popsicle sticks with dragon pictures on it that they colored.

He can always use a new pair of Asolo Reston hiking boots though. Yet, I don’t think he’d appreciate getting them this time of year. Who knows, he may?? He always enjoys getting new shoes. Does your man like the feel of new shoes as much as mine does?

What do you give your hard working man in your life?



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