Room to Grow: Why Your Child Needs More Space

Setting aside a room for your child’s development can be an important step in their growth. Whether this is to use it specifically for homeschooling, or perhaps as a mix of homework room/playroom or even just an outright teched-out play palace, this can give them the space outside of their bedroom to grow and develop – it can even help improve their sleep hygiene by marking their bedroom as being specifically a place of sleep and rest, not one for play and work.

Moving work & play out can free-up bedrooms space for lovely designs. source

Steps to Setting Up The Room

Firstly you’re going to want to designate, then clear out, a room to be theirs. You might need to look into some form of partition wall, if you don’t have a distinct separate room to turn over to their needs. You might need to get some help in for this, or you could even take the chance to develop a little yourself and learn the steps for a DIY project. If you’re a little short on space during this, you’ll have to look into some storage near me by my house to free up the room. This will be especially relevant if it does require some DIY, rather than just choosing an existing room.

Once you’ve chosen it, you’ll want to tailor the furniture towards the purpose of the room. If it is a little classroom, then getting a little kids desk will be an absolute priority. Even if it isn’t solely for study, a small desk will help them with their personal organization and also help add to the decor of the room! Investing in some little beanbags can help give the room a chilled-out vibe to help your little one relax after their studies and are a versatile addition which can be tucked away with ease.

Whether you’re building a room for play or work you’ll want to invest in storage, storage, storage. There’s loads of versatile options when it comes to drawers and nooks that can add to the room’s aesthetic and appeal, whilst also being useful for parent and child alike.

If you’re going down the route of making it a room focussed on playing, then there are some multi-purpose investments that would be just great to make. Rather than a TV, which is susceptible to bumps and accidents, a projector can be tucked away in an alcove of one of your storage pieces, with the screen folding neatly away when not in use – this can really help you get the most out of the space for games and movie nights, whilst not taking up too much room. You’ll find over the course of making your room what is best for the purposes you (or the kid) have in mind.

Home projectors have come a long way from shadow-puppets! Source

Using the Room

Once it is complete, you should have a versatile little room that can help your child both work and play. By separating it and making it its own room, your kids will learn the value of keeping it tidy and organized, as well as helping their bedrooms become havens of sound sleep. It doesn’t hurt that they’ll become the envy of their friends if they have their own dedicated playroom, or that if they’re invited over it gives a perfect opportunity to teach the values of hospitality and sharing!




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