Rollogo Escape S – A Power Generating Suitcase

My most hated thing during travel is trying to find an outlet to charge my devices and always looking here and there for my boarding passes and passport. Yeah there are passport keepers and power banks you can carry with you but again you will be looking for these things in your suitcase. The new Rollogo Escape S suitcase solves these problems. This suitcase uses the spinning of its own wheels to create power for your devices. Each one of the suitcase’s four wheels are hooked up to a generator, which provides electricity to an 8,000mAh lithium-polymer power bank while spinning. People can use power from this power bank to charge their phones, tablets or laptops. This power bank has two USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. Only 10 minutes of roll time can create about 1.2 hours of talk time on a standard smart phone. The power bank can last for over 10 hours for device charging and can be removed from the suitcase when it needs to be re-charged fully, like at the hotel. It also has a spring suspension system for the wheels allowing for free and easy movement.

In addition, Bluetooth connection to the power bank allows communication through an app on the user’s smart phone. Through this accompanying app, you can get alerted if the battery is running low, if it gets left behind somewhere, or can also detect movement if the movement notifier is turned on and someone tries to steal it. If the suitcase does get misplaced, the app will also show the last location it was at, when it was connected to Bluetooth.

The Rollogo Escape S also has a top-located easy-access compartment to keep your essentials like your boarding pass and passport. The top flat part can also function as a work station to keep your laptop on. The Rollogo along with its power bank is TSA friendly and has a TSA compliant three-digit combination lock. The Rollogo Escape S is currently crowd-funding their campaign on for $399.

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