Are Kids Less Healthy Than You Were?

If you’ve missed it, Netflix is currently playing a fantastic Russian sci-fi show called “Better Than Us”. The idea is that in 2029 Moscow, technology plays a significant role in everyday life. Almost every household has a robot that can act as a cleaner, babysitter, caretaker, teacher, etc. Admittedly, viewers can also come across the modern version of some well-known gadgets, such as smartphones, tech wristbands, and tactile surfaces. The smart show makes the sci-fi premises more credible by injecting familiar technology to the mix. When the dad takes his little girl to fly a kite, she suddenly makes us aware that in this futuristic Moscow, technology manages every interaction.

“But, daddy,” she asks, “where’s the remote control?”

As a viewer, you might smile. Yet there’s something strangely unpleasant about it. Even though the show is a work of fiction, there is no denying that technology has already dramatically transformed childhood’s experience. Do you remember the days when you used to go and ride a bicycle outside? Kids nowadays tend to stay indoors and play on their tablets. Overall, you might wonder if things were better when you were a child. And, that is an important question to ask: Has society changed to the point where your kids may not be as healthy as you were at the same age?

Parents have a better understanding of vitamins

If one thing is for sure, we have our cupboards filled with the best selection of vitamins and minerals. If you grew up with a random tablet of vitamin C in winter, there’s no denying that your kids have a lot more suitable options. Additionally, as allergies and food intolerances are on the rise, relying on multivitamins can be a practical solution to keep your kids healthy. However, more and more parents rely on multivitamin packs as a lazy solution. Indeed, today’s kids are less likely to get homemade food for dinner, as stress and fatigue interfere with parental obligations. In other words, you may not have had the same selection of vitamins, but your moms still put a freshly cooked meal on the table.

Kids are becoming active again

There was a time where most kids would go outside to play. Technology has transformed habits a little. However, according to recent information packed in an infographic by Cisco Athletic, there are a lot of good things happening in the youth sports sector. Indeed, more and more kids are engaging in physical activities in the US compared to the early 2010s. However, unlike the glorious 1980s, which show an increase in physical activities in the most vulnerable population, active kids nowadays come mainly from a wealthy background. What this means is that the kids who need support most are left out.

kids running around
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Higher access to tech means less vitamin D

Last but not least, it would be unfair not to mention the rise of depression and stress in children. Children suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which the body produces when exposed to direct sunlight. Vitamin D is an essential factor of mood management, as it helps to reduce your vulnerability to mood swings. Additionally, it also affects the effectiveness of your immune system, making it harder to fight viruses.

Are our kids less healthy than you were at their age? It’s a tricky question. The challenges have changed. Perhaps “Better Than Us” is right. We might need an overarching tech that controls our gadgets so that we can have more time to go back to the roots.




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