Reading Horizons Home School Program Discovery At Home Review

Reading Horizons Home School Program has kindly offered us the opportunity to review their Discovery At Home (Ages 4-9) program in exchange for a blog review. As always, that in no way shaped my opinion of this program. As you know, we have tried many online educational products in the past for our kids.

Discovery At Home is a program that is full of easy lessons for the kids to learn and grasp. It is repetitive enough to ensure that the child learns the materials given in each section. At the end of each little lesson, the child is able to see what they accomplished and what they still need to work on. Delbert was excited to receive all green check marks in some of his lessons.

He also enjoyed earning the ability to play the games that Discovery At Home offers. Considering the lessons are actual lessons and literally felt like he was sitting in a classroom setting it was refreshing to see him be able to enjoy playing games.

This kit also comes with a manual for parents to use to create many additional games and activities with their kids to enjoy offline. Some of those activities were enjoyable to do. Delbert has become very use to doing things on the computer or some type of technical gadget, so for him the more FUN he can have online the better.

It is a very resourceful system to use with your kids. I also feel that for a child who is accustomed to learning offline this program will hold more appeal for them.

What is your favorite reading aid to help teach your kids?





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