Prostate Cancer 101: What to Do, What to Check

Prostate cancer is an issue that starts to appear as soon as men start reaching 50. It is a health concern that you should point out to the men of your household. It could be your husband, your father, your aging sibling, or even your growing kids. They must have an inkling to the dangers of prostate cancer. They also must know how to look out for the warning signs.

The chance of getting prostate cancer increases as one gets older. It commonly shows up at men aged past fifty, however, instances have seen prostate cancer emerging from as young as 35. When it comes down to it, time eventually catches up to people. It is an inevitability. What someone can do is take care of the other factors that affect prostate cancer. That way, they can have a fighting chance.

Risk Factors and Reminders

Aside from age, other common risk factors include family history, race (Africans have a higher chance) and diet. If one has a family history of prostate cancer, they have to be extra vigilant of the symptoms. These include frequent urination, seeing blood while peeing or even while ejaculating, or erectile dysfunction. Vigilance against this cancer can also come in getting regular checkups as soon as one hits 40. It is also advisable to get a prostate exam at least once every four years. For those with risk factors, it should be increased to a yearly schedule.

Newer studies suggest that even masturbation can affect the chances of getting prostate cancer. Masturbating at least 22 times a month reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 20%. One can also never underestimate the health benefits of prostate milking.

Prostate Milking

Milking (or massaging) is the act of stimulating your prostate to create a ton of health benefits. The idea is simple. By massaging the prostate, one can decrease the risk of cancer. One can also detect an early red flag of prostate cancer by massaging it regularly. A notice of a sudden change is a clear message to get in touch with a doctor immediately.

Aside from the health tips and early warning system, milking the prostate can have some pleasurable effects. It can help with erectile dysfunction, improve one’s sexual drive, and can even help reach climax faster.

Increasing Awareness

The most you can do is to increase awareness. Being the wife, the mom, or the sibling can make it difficult to get through to your family members. It can be tough to emphasize the risk of prostate cancer. There is also that machismo factor of men not wanting to go to the doctor for checkups.

The actual test, a prostate exam, can also turn off men because it involves a finger penetrating the anal regions. It is perceived as non-manly. Therefore, it is to be avoided at all costs. What you can do is to remind them of the risk factors, symptoms to watch out for, and convince them to take regular checkups. By giving them information, you can help them know their bodies and detect prostate cancer early.




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