Dealing with Old Phones: The Secret to Selling

Dealing with old phones can be a struggle. You find yourself with two working phones, and you only need one for day-to-day use. What do you do now? It would be great to find a trustworthy, simple solution for recycling your old phone and earning some cash in the process.  

The Options

Getting rid of it – throwing it out the garbage – is not an option as phones contain some very hazardous materials and if they end up in landfill they can really damage the environment seeping into the soil and waterways. In addition to the need to responsibly recycle your phone, selling your device to a reputable phone buyback company is a wise investment too. You can keep it in storage, ready to use in case your current one is unavailable. But will you ever need it again? Do you even want to use it again? It may just collect dust in your closet for years without it seeing any action. What a waste!

You can try to make some money off your old phone and at least get back some of the money spent when you purchased it. But how will you know if you will get a fair price?

The Solution

A good way to make money off your phone is to sell it to electronics buyback companies.

Depending on the age and condition of the phone, you can get back some of the money spent on it. It can range from a small percentage to even close to full price. It all depends on how intact your phone is. As for where to sell them, there is a good chance you can get the best price online.

Selling your Cell Phone online can be a great idea but how do you know that you are selling to a reputable and responsible phone recycler? This is where SellCell comes in.  SellCell is the US’s No 1 price comparison site for selling your old phones. SellCell compares over 25 of the leading phone buyback companies and in an instant brings you the best value for your phone offered by these leading buyback companies.  SellCell also offer a best price guarantee, meaning that if you spot the price for your phone higher anywhere else they will pay double the difference back. This means that rather than scouring lots of different sites to find the best price for your old phone, in seconds SellCell will provide the best prices available in the market. 

The Benefits

Not only does selling your old phone make some cash to put back into your budget, it also means that you are doing your bit to the environment.  The good thing about using SellCell is that all of the buyers are vetted to adhere to the strictest environmental standards.  This essentially means your phone or any of its parts will not end up in landfill.

There are also benefits of decluttering your drawers, living spaces – and the cathartic feeling of getting rid of used items and knowing that in most cases through SellCell the phone will be used again by someone else or refurbished/ repaired so it can be sold to another party.  Another win:win for the environment.




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