Product Suggestions #GiftReadyGuide for 2013

I was given all of these items to review at one point or another throughout the year of 2013 in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped my opinion of these products. These companies had no clue I was going to feature them again in my Holiday Guide. These products are so wonderful they are worth mentioning repeatedly. 

Top Product Suggestions #GiftReadyGuide for 2013

1.) Rejuvenator Shower Head – This shower head has received nothing but great reviews from everyone that I know who has tried this product. It gives off the perfect sensations and leaves a person feeling utterly clean. It will enhance any showering experience.

2.) Good Cook Nonstick Cutlery Knives – I love these knives with a passion. I use these knives all the time! They are well-loved by everyone in our household.

3.) CafePress  – This company has grown leaps and bounds from when I first checked them out years ago. Now they offer every type of gift under the sun. I can even create my own creations and sell them. I am totally in loved with everything concerning this company. The products, services, and even prices are truly remarkable.

4.) Golden Island Jerky I’m a huge fan of jerky. I have always eaten Jack Links beef jerky. I still enjoy eating them. However, Golden Island Jerky is definitely a new love of mine. I love their different flavor choices. My review tells you the flavors that we truly enjoyed. My mouth is watering wanting some more of their jerky just thinking about it.

5.) Lovable Labels I am a huge fan of these labels. These labels are sturdy and have survived almost two years on my daughters sippy cups. They still look brand spanking new. I love the designs that this company has to offer as well. The prices are reasonable.

6.) Domeo Recliner Folio iPad Case  Del totally utterly enjoyed this case when he had his iPad 2. He has since changed to an iPad mini. However, he bragged to anyone who would listen that this was the brand of iPad case they needed to purchase.

7.) Wholly Guacamole Salsa  I can’t find this salsa in our area anywhere, and believe me if I could I’d be buying it like it was going out of style. This stuff is super good. I totally enjoyed digging into several of the flavors we got to try.

8.) Recycled Rotary Organizer  This is such a great addition to my desk. I love this thing. I can store so many things in it with total ease and keep it organized. I love that I can just spin things around according to what I need or want at the time with quick ease.

9.) Dermagist Neck Cream  I do declare this product is totally utterly amazing. It works almost instantly. I could literally see a difference in my neck from the time I started using it. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a sagging neck that drives them bonkers like mine did me.

10.) Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener This item could have been easily featured on my Homeschooling #GiftReadyGuide . However, I didn’t want to have ANYONE miss out on this wonderful product. My mother-in-law has literally brought her pencils over here every couple of weeks to have me sharpen her pencils because her pencils are way sharper and they last twice as long. She keeps commenting on how she is going to get one of these before it’s over.

I love how much of a difference it’s made in my life. I won’t have any other type of pencil sharpener now. The electric pencil sharpeners can take a nose dive into a trash dump as far as I’m concerned. They have nothing on this pencil sharpener.

This is my final #GiftReadyGuide post of gift suggestions. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series I’ve put together. I am hosting a giveaway from tomorrow at 9pm until Thanksgiving Eve at 12Am filled with many items from this #GiftReadyGuide and some added prizes as well.

There are also plenty of amazing prizes up for grabs on my Giveaway page NOW . Remember my giveaways usually have low entries because I keep it personal between the companies and my loyal readers. They are our way of saying thank you for being a loyal Tidbits of Experience reader.

What other products do you think should have been listed on here? 





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    • You are welcome. CafePress could cause me to go broke quick now. I’m not sure what the LOBS is, but I’m glad it brought you here. (My son has been helping me get the marketing done lately.)

  1. Wow! What a great list! I love Cafepress as well. I used to order Anita Blake stuff off there when I was in college. I spent WAY too much on WAY too many shirts.

    • CafePress is a remarkable site. They have awesome t-shirts, but they now offer far more. A person can easily go broke on their site now.

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