Popular And Beautiful Beaches In New York City

A good way to see Manhattan is on a bus that you can hop on hop off. New York is big and that’s a good way to see the city.

But are you planning to take a peek beyond the history, art and architecture of New York and revel in its natural attractions? Explore 14 miles of beaches tucked away from the noisy existence of the megacity and get a perfect retreat for a lazy summer day. Enjoy lip-smacking prospects of sunbathing, swimming and take a dip in cool waters and feel rejuvenated. So, visit these patches of sandy paradise and make your summer vacation a real treat. Explore the 4 boroughs of New York City – the island of Manhattan has no beaches – and satiate your cravings for sun-baked and sand-filled beaches.

Photo by Philip Solovev

Here are some of popular beaches in and around NYC:

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

Two and a half miles on the Atlantic Ocean, this crowded beach is perhaps the most popular in NYC and also the easiest to get to from Manhattan. It brims with energy and offers you a lot of things to see and do. Here, you can swim, lay out, ride a roller coaster, eat a hotdog, go to a concert and do much more. You can enjoy the parade of people moving up and down the boardwalk!

Rockaway Beach, Queens

Get to this large six-mile beach that not only has sun, sand and waves but surfing too!. Great food spots and easy access from midtown make it one of the most popular hangouts for locals and visitors alike. Here, you can learn how to surf, enjoy delicious burgers at Rippers, or explore seafood options at the Lobster Joint.

Orchard Beach, Bronx

Enjoy great views of City Island at this crowded beach, the only public beach in the Bronx. Here, you can enjoy basketball, volleyball, and handball with 26 gaming courts. Relish great photo opportunities, take part in nature events and get beach bites at stands nearby. Over the years, new playgrounds and facilities have been added to this beach which used sand from beaches in Queens and New Jersey to come into existence way back in 1936.

Midland Beach, Staten Island

Plan a family day-out at Staten Island’s Midland Beach and come back joyous and drenched for sure. Here, you can lay out, ride bikes, go for a walk on the Boardwalk and get the kids hooked to the Sea Turtle Fountain. You can also check out the war memorial remember a slice of history. Other attractions include playgrounds, shuffleboard courts and a roller hockey rink.

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

Time to throw food on the grill and enjoy the charms of barbecuing in the midst of sand, sea and sun. Manhattan Beach is a lovely place to enjoy a sweet picnic with family and friends. Here, you can enjoy sports as it has tennis, basketball, and handball courts. It also has two baseball fields for those who love the game. With Anyway Café and Papa Leone’s right there, there is no shortage of tasty foods to try.

Beaches should be part of your New York City tours to enjoy natural attractions of this great city and feel relaxed right under the open sky.




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