5 Steps to Furnishing a Child’s Bedroom

Even before children are born, most new mums or dads to be are planning their baby’s bedroom. Getting baby’s nursery just right is as important for most new parents as deciding on a name.

And even when your baby grows into a child, and later a teenager, many parents spend a lot of time preparing and creating the perfect bedroom for their offspring. It’s probably part of the nesting instinct – the desire to make your child’s surroundings as comfortable and stimulating as possible.

But where to start? Here are the top five steps you need to consider when designing a beautiful bedroom for your little ones from Childrens Bed Shop.


The first step is to choose the general decoration for the room. Whether you’re turning a former office into a bedroom or redecorating after moving into a new home, the colour scheme and tone of a child’s bedroom are among the first things to consider.

Experts suggest that calming, muted tones (such as greens and light blues) are best in the bedroom, as they are more likely to lead to a peaceful night rather than glaring bright colours.

Of course, there’s no need to be dull. More interesting hues, such as reds or yellows, can be added too, but just remember to keep them to a minimum – on a statement wall, for example.

To add interest, why not create a theme, using stencils if your artistic talents are not up to scratch, focussing on your child’s favourite cartoon characters or their hobbies?

Then you can add mirrors, paintings or prints and an easy-read clock to add that finishing touch.


What goes under your child’s feet is as important as what they see around them. It’s best to go for neutral tones in carpets, so any later change in décor will not clash, and remember to buy hard-wearing carpets if you don’t want to be changing them every few years.

Avoid cold floorboards or tiles unless you’re going to be putting plenty of rugs down: warmth is what’s needed.

Rugs are great in a child’s bedroom, providing comfort and interest as well as hiding stains. You can even buy special rugs which they can use as a design layouts for their games.


Lighting is another essential element to any room but particularly important in a bedroom, where the correct ambience can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a disturbed night.

As well as choosing a lamp shade which matches your existing décor, think about reading lamps, spotlights for areas where the child may be doing homework or dimming switches to give young children a sense of security.


One of the main items needed in any child’s bedroom is plenty of storage space, both for their clothes and toys and/or books.

Every child these days seems to have a bigger wardrobe than their parents, and just as many possessions, and you want to be able to store all of it away neatly at the end of a busy day.

Wardrobes can be bought in smaller sizes for little people, while chests of drawers and toy boxes look better if they match. Think durable and long-lasting – don’t buy something on a whim.

As your child gets older, you may want to add a desk and chair, if you have the space, so they can do their homework in peace.

And So To Bed…

The most important aspect of any bedroom is the bed and thankfully, there is plenty of choice these days as regards size, colour and style, so you really can’t go wrong.

Remember to buy a bed which is the right size for your child – some are adaptable, so will grow along with your little one, like Steens beds for kids allowing you to change the bed as your child gets older. And don’t underestimate the importance of comfort – a good mattress is just as necessary.

Whatever you decide on for your child’s bedroom, making sure it is designed with them in mind will make their dreams come true.




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