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This is a sponsored post from the Mums the Word Network & P’Jamerz. All opinions are my own.

I have shared with you numerous times how little bit of sleep we received since Zeva has been born. She caused issued with sleep long before she arrived and technically still hasn’t stopped. That is why I’m proud to be a part of this P’Jamerz KickStarter program.

P’Jamerz was co-created by Shauntay Michaels in hopes of helping kids and parents receive a good quality night’s sleep. There are five magical animals that were created to help kids face their fears with the help of their new companions. There are big plans to have each one of these characters have their own storybook to go with them.

In order for Shauntay to launch this program, she needs some additional help with funding it. I personally think there is a lot of potential with this idea. I feel that if she were to throw in the P’Jamerz animals and pajamas along with the books for each character it will become a hit for both parents and kids alike.

After living through Zeva refusing to sleep in her crib or her room by herself for well over a year of battle, I can appreciate Shauntay’s idea behind her concept. To this day, even though Zeva sleeps in a room with her brother and has us monitoring her using our VTECH Monitor, she still wakes up repeatedly throughout the night crying for us to reassure her that she’s okay. As Shauntay pointed out, there can be a million reasons why some kids just can’t sleep through the night without some form of “protection” with them.

I happen to be an adult, and there are times with Del still has to console me and help me through my own nightmares. I can’t sleep unless I have a body pillow to curl up with. If it gets misplaced in the middle of the night then I’m awake almost instantly. Granted, I feel the P’Jamerz can be a bit bigger to help kids from having the same issue in the middle of the night with them too, but they are still in the designing stages.

That’s where we as potential consumers can help Shauntay’s P’Jamerz campaign. Not only can we support her financially, but we as parents of our own kids can point out some of these kinds of added ideas. Her overall concept is great, and I certainly feel it is well worth investing in. Her goal of $15,000 is attainable within 44 days if enough people can see the big picture and vision for this project.

Check out this video for even more detailed information.

Now that you know even more about her plans, be sure to go to P’Jamerz Campaign page and make a pledge to support this project. Even a $1.00 can make a world of difference.

Thank you for your consideration and support.





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