OSRS – An Introduction to The Theatre of Blood

If you have been looking for unique ways to play Old School Runescape whilst earning coveted OSRS gold, then raids are something you should consider. In this instance, we are going to look into the game’s second raid in the form of The Theatre of Blood.

What is The Theatre of Blood?

This serves as raid number two in OSRS, and is considered by many to be one of the most exciting and popular aspects of the entire game when playing as a group. So if you have a group or clan, then this linear raid is definitely worth your time. You will come across the same bosses in the same order, some of which will challenge you immensely if you are not well prepared. That being said, working towards the reward of the Scythe of Vitur is something to definitely consider.

Reaching the Raid

The Theatre of Blood is found underneath the castle of Ver Sinhaza. There are a few different ways in which you can actually reach this raid. If you have completed the quest ‘A Taste of Hope’ then you can use Drakan’s medallion to teleport straight to Ver Sinhaza.

Players can also reach the location using the Ectophial. This allows you to teleport to the Ectofunctus, after which you can either travel south, or head north to pay 10,000 coins to Andras then head south. Meanwhile, the Minigame Teleport that takes you to Shades of Mort’ton is also a viable route, as from there you can run south to Burgh de Rott then get on the boat to get to Meiyerditch then getting to the gate to Ver Sinhaza.

Quick Tactics

If you already have a bit more of an idea about the raid itself, then you will want to have a couple of plans of action on how to go about it. In terms of gearing up, you will find that a lot of players tend to opt for the use of Elite or Void armor. By using the latter, you can take more potions and food with you and not be hampered with too much gear. So, if you are more of a beginner or you haven’t been buying OSRS gold, then this is a great option for you.

Alternatively, if you are a more experienced player, and you have enough gold that you won’t have to resort to having to buy OSRS gold, then you can choose to bring higher-level gear. With that in mind, you could consider Ancestral gear for a magic approach, or Bandos if you prefer melee. You should keep in mind that if you are going to choose this option that it does limit your inventory, so stocking up on potions isn’t really viable here.

Stat Requirements

As for your stats, there are some recommendations that you should take on board with you. Your lowest stat requirement should be Prayer, but make sure that it’s up to at least 77. Your next focus is to get your combat skills up to at least 90. So Strength, Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Hitpoints should all be at least up to this threshold. As for your Magic, it’s recommended that you get it to at least level 94, though 99 would be highly effective.


Once you have beaten Verzik Vitur, you will notice a trapdoor opening which leads you to a treasure vault. Each player will then be able to loot one of the five chests in there, with a corresponding arrow telling you which chest to open. Once you have done so, you may notice a purple aura around the item within, highlighting it is a unique reward. If this isn’t the case, then players will receive up to three common rewards, though this is based on how well you performed in the raid itself.

If you take a look at the bookshelves in here, more specifically the Grand bookshelves, you will find six different books. These are entitled Serafina’s Diary, The Butcher, Arachnids of Vampyrium, The Shadow Realm, The Wild Hunt, and Verzik Vitur – Patient Record.

So there you have it, you are now ready to take on the Theatre of Blood raid in Old School Runescape. If you do want to take advantage of the best method and you don’t have enough OSRS gold, then it may be worth finding a vendor who is selling OSRS gold so that you can make the best gear possible with you. Have you tried this OSRS raid? Let us know in the comments section below!




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