One Product For Many Needs – Foam Wedges!

In our quest to get some relief from our stressful lives, we the wind up acquiring innumerable products that have a single, particular, targeted use. When that product accomplishes its goal, it is cast aside, more often than not winding up as clutter in the home. But what happens when we need to use it again? We can’t find it. So we buy another. The vicious cycle continues.

Utility is why Swiss Army knives are so beloved: impressive versatility, from a single, simplistic product. A whole toolbox’s worth of uses can be found in one palm-sized tool. Of course, personal comfort is the entire different story from tightening screws or sharpening a stick, but that doesn’t mean there may not be a similar product out there designed to offer the same versatile options for feeling a little more comfortable.

When it comes to general comfort applications, body wedges are tough to beat. All in a single product, a body wedge can work well as a seat cushion, chair pad, upper body pillow for sleeping, a lower body cushion for circulation, a back pillow when lying down, and a lumbar support cushion when sitting up. Those are just a handful of uses being addressed by a single, versatile foam product. Imagine how much space a collection of outputs that only did one of these things would take up. Moreover, don’t forget the cost of purchasing each product, either! With a foam wedge, you can get comfort all day, in any way, all from a single, pure product.

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