Oh The Birthday Freebies

Today is my birthday. I decided to do a search of all the birthday freebies I could get for free today. Believe me when I say there are a lot of things a person can get today for FREE.

One of the things that peeked my interest was the free Medieval Times feast and dinner show. I’ve been dying to take the kids to go see that amazing show!! I can’t afford the cost of the tickets for all of us to go plus the gas to get there. However, it is one of the best memories of places I’ve been to from when I was growing up.

I am not sure what we’ll be doing today. We may do nothing, but let me sit back and relax all day long playing around on the net without having to worry about my kids because Del is off today. (To me, that’s a big deal having him home and NOT having to stress over the kids and puppies.)

Tomorrow is Del’s 40th birthday! So, it’s all about birthdays around here for the next couple of days. Unfortunately, Del has to work on his birthday tomorrow.

I was so hoping to celebrate his 40th birthday in some type of special way, but obviously he choose to spend my special day with me. Hopefully we can celebrate his birthday a bit today too. I’d love to be able to see him take advantage of some of these birthday freebies too. Of course, he doesn’t want to turn 40. He wants me to keep him at 39. I’ve picked on him, in order for that to happen he has to stay clean shaven. When he has any type of facial hair, he looks a lot older. He’s still handsome to me though!! He still makes my heart skip a lot beats just by him walking in the room.

Hubby found out that I told the world that he is 40 Today: CLICK ——> HERE to find out his reaction to my telling the world about his new “Over the Hill” age status. I guarantee you’ll have something to say about it.

What are some of the favorite things you get free on your birthday?

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Please note this is NOT a sponsored post or anything else. This is just my random thoughts on my birthday. I do honestly and truly LOVE and I mean LOVE Medieval Times. (If I ever get the pleasure of doing a review on that company, it would be far more detailed filled with LOADS of pictures that they let me share with you!!)




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  1. Hi, happy birthday to you. I hope you get to go to that show in Myrtle Beach. We went to a Dolly Pardon Theatre show in 2011 just after Christmas. It was so fun. I found your blog on the LinkenIn Blogger Helping Blogger group. Looking forward to reading more about you. I am also a South Carolina blogger. 🙂


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