New Movies Show A Scary Reality

This week’s new movies left me sitting in puzzlement. I honestly have rented five movies and honestly only one of them was worth watching and that was The Maze Runner. The rest of the movies left me worried and concerned because I know for a fact that there really is a LOT of truth to these movies and know just how much they could actually happen in real life. (I’ve lived through many of them myself.)

Without naming off names of movies this week, I’m going to talk about some of the things that have disturbed me about this week new DVD releases. There was a LOT of violence, treating sex like it had no meaning behind it and loads of cussing. In one movie, it showcased how our teens are acting in our world all around us and it’s true! It’s a harsh reality of what our world has become.

Let’s Stop It

I fight in many of my posts to try to put a STOP to that. It has to start with us as parents and anyone else who has the power to influence our kids in our society. I gain a lot of grief from it and receive many critics saying that I’m making things appear worse than they really are, but I know I’m not. I’ve been one of those teenagers buried in having sex with everyone like it meant nothing. I performed a LOT of wasted sex in my life. I was a teenager back in the 90’s. I can only imagine how much worse it’s become NOW with sex being promoted EVERYWHERE our kids turn.

Not Just Sex

It’s not just the sex that has become a major issue. People are forgetting the fine art of talking to the people around them due to their addictions to technology. I was working out in my local gym one day, and I was on a treadmill next to the preacher of one of the churches I tried to attend locally. He didn’t even recognize me even though I was one of the people who greeted people as they walked in the door. To make matters worse, after I told him I attended his church, he just said hello and IMMEDIATELY put his headphones back on his head. I’m sorry, but I was raised up in a church where people took the time to care about those that were around them.

Talking to Others

I go into to my local town a lot for various reasons, and I don’t meet a stranger. I will interact with anyone around me. The older generation of folks around me tend to appreciate really that fact about me and the kids do too (that aren’t attached to some piece of technology.) People of my age group and that general age range would rather get back on their phone to carry on a conversation with them. I look at my phone a lot, but I don’t do it when I’m carrying on a conversation with someone unless I am under a timetable. Let’s Look Up!

These movies made me the sick! They made me sick because I know our world has actually become just like these movies portray it. It saddens my heart to see it. It worries me. When I was growing up I was actually in the minority when it came to my sorry choices I made. I was picked on, and an outcast because I was “easy with the guys.” Now a girl is picked on when she isn’t. Truth be told, I would much rather have it like it was when I was growing up than it is now!

Scary Realty

Couples don’t go out of their way to connect with their spouses. Rather men are getting their rocks off to porn or some other women. While women are either suffering in silence wondering how to get the passion back or are cheating themselves. Kids aren’t being taught how to talk and interact with the society around them unless it’s for a screen. Children are taught in games that it’s okay to fight to solve a problem, just cut them in half or blow them up then they won’t be a problem anymore. Teens don’t know the value of what real love is and what it means actually to do what people in love do!

If you take nothing away from this post but this… Know that we need to be the change that our kids see. We need to teach them the value of what true love really is supposed to be. That starts with showing our children that we love our spouses enough to do what it takes to rekindle that passion in our marriage. We love them more than a piece of technology. We love our fellow neighbor enough to get to know them and be a community.

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Am I the only one seeing this problem in our society?




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10 comments on “New Movies Show A Scary Reality”

    • Thank you. You’re right it is a big topic. It’s to big for me to make a change on my own. However, I hope and pray that at least one parent/teen hears my message and it makes a different in their lives.

  1. Great post Crystal. It is sad, but now my generation and my kids’ generation is taught to be suspicious of everyone!! Not that there isn’t good reason, but media is making it so much worse. Makes me miss my childhood where someone could talk to *anyone* and it was just a conversation between two human beings.

    • You’re right many people are suspicious of others. There are still times when I am too, but it’s not too often. When it does happen though, I just handle the situation with more care than I normally would.
      I don’t remember where I saw it/read it, but I can’t help but wonder “What if that were Jesus coming back dressed like that?”

  2. I agree with 100%! I can’t stand it when ppl are so busy with technology they can’t even hold a decent conversation with you! I see this all too often. When I’m around others, and as you said, I do look at my phone but always put it away when conversing. If we don’t teach children now when they get to be adults imagine the nightmare then! Great post Crystal. Sharing and Pinned!

    • I hope that this post makes a difference with some family somewhere. I strive to teach my kids balance, but it’s hard when they see me working a lot on the computer too. However, I must say that they see Del and I stop what we are doing with our technology to carry on conversations with each other and others. We always put them first.

  3. I agree… things that should be special are treated w/ contempt or vulgarity. We rarely watch movies.. and are very careful of which ones we do watch… these ugly attitudes have permeated our culture so much that there really isn’t much in movies that has any benefit to us… I also like the idea of actually talking and caring about people…. instead of the abbreviated partial words that count for conversation today. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  4. I completely agree! Both music and movies now are so over the top :/ Thank you for sharing with Frugal Family – don’t forget to link up another post next Thursday! xx

    • I am glad I’m not the only one who is disgusted by this. I do have a great movie to share next week with a giveaway for it. It’s the first good movie I’ve gotten to watch in a while. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

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