What is Wasted Sex? Why Should YOU AVOID it?

This post about “wasted sex”  has been floating around in my head for ages now!!! I’ve been afraid to post it because I don’t want to ruffle feathers. However, I’ve been convicted that I am supposed to ruffle feathers.

I don’t like being the center of attention even though I blog and let the whole world see my thoughts. It’s different because I can hide behind the computer. Yet, I know many people who are an active part of my life who are now reading my blog on a regular basis. So, hiding is no longer an option if you will. So, with that being stated… if I do step on your toes, voice your opinion and thoughts!! I want to know why YOU think I’m wrong!

My definition of “wasted sex” is when a person has sex in a manner different from what God intended it to be when he created man and woman. I have had a lot of wasted sex in my lifetime. The sad fact is I didn’t realize it until I got married to my current husband.

That’s a lot of years of messed up relations. That’s a lot of people who literally were hurt by me and who hurt me. I was one of those players who just felt like men were good for one thing and one thing only. I felt like that is all they wanted from me. So, I needed to get in the same train of thought as them.

Yet, since I’ve been married this time. I realize just how much those messed up choices made a negative impact on my life and the life of my husbands. We are reminded on a regular basis that I choose to have sex with other partners instead staying loyal to him. Had I NOT been sexually active AT ALL prior to marriage, it NEVER would be an issue.

There would be no worrying about whether or not I am a good enough lover for him compared to all of his past lovers. Many of the things he longs for wouldn’t be an issue because he would never have been subjected to how they feel by being with other partners. The same holds true of him with me.

A person can’t miss what they didn’t have. A person can’t compare two things when there isn’t two things to compare it to. We are doing our future spouses harm long before we marry them.

I wish people would wake up and see the light! I wish I could go back in time and not make the mistakes I made! I wish society would see the damage that is being done in our world by the result of us promoting sex BEFORE marriage and even OUTSIDE of marriage.

Some of you may argue that it’s not harming you or those you love a bit. It’s harmless physical activity. It’s just a physical release. It’s something different. All the adults involved are in agreement. That may be true AT THE TIME! It even may be true for years to come. Shoot it may hold true until the day you die.

Here’s the kicker for me….

Is it something you’d be proud to see your kids do?

Is it something you’d be proud to see your parents doing if they were?

Would you recommend it for everyone?

I remember the fun sexual feelings with others. I remember the high I would get from making my next “sexual prey.” I remember the arguments I had for it being okay.

I also remember the pain. I remember the doubt of my worth. I remember not being treated with respect from guys because I was “easy.”

I see the pain in my husband’s eyes when he talks about my past activities. I see his doubt that he is enough for me. I feel the pain from our prior actions. I deal with the doubt that I’m enough for him. I regret all of my actions.

You may not feel that way about your premarital sexual acts. You may not believe the same things as me. However, I’m willing to bank there is some truth to what I’m saying to you even if you don’t want to admit it out loud.

[inlinetweet prefix=”Sex after marriage is worth waiting for. ” tweeter=”@Tidbitsofexperi” suffix=””]Sex after marriage is worth waiting for.[/inlinetweet] It’s worth giving your future spouse all of you completely. Once you’re married, it’s worth it to you, your spouse, and your kids to be loyal to that person. Sex gets better if you open the lines of communication with your spouse. It becomes the most remarkable sex possible when you are married to the one you love.

What are your opinions? (Remember, I do feel everyone is entitled to their opinions.) 

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