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As our anniversary gets closer, I tend to think of things I can do to ensure my wife knows I love and cherish her. Last week we mentioned small ways to make her feel special, but I like to hand make her gifts from time to time.  I have given Crystal a rose of some kind often throughout the course of our relationship. Crystal is not a huge fan of real live roses unless they are growing in our yard. Due to her strong feelings about that, I didn’t want to fill our home with just silk roses. I have become creative with how I give her roses.

MyPrintly provides crafters inspiration for making unique gifts. There are many wonderful suggestions on this website of ways to make unique gifts or products to use for parties. They didn’t fit the bill I was looking for though.

I searched out graphics of roses I could use. I found a few rose designs that I liked and printed them out using our HP printer we got thanks to be a part of the #HPSmartMom panel.

For the record, this printer prints out quality images. This rose appealed to be at first.

This rose though didn’t have the affect I was trying to grab. I changed to another image that I liked better. Then I took that image and turned it into a stencil. I placed that stencil on a piece of wood and traced it. Once I traced the image out, I took a router and craved out the image. Then I painted the pieces of the rose.

Here is the finished product:

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I’d love to hear which craft off of that you would like to make.





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