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What tools do you use to keep organized so things on your to-do list don’t slip through the cracks? via NaBloPomo on BlogHer 

This is a fun question because I am finding that the more I seem to want to add to my to-do list the more I need organization. I just recently reviewed the book Flourish: Balance for the Homeschool Moms and it really made me think long and hard about my priorities. Especially with school getting ready to start officially for us again on August 18th. That means my time is going to be even more valuable.

I was raised hearing over and over again that “time is money.” I have found that I will do what I can to keep from having any idle time on my hands. However, in a sense I think I’ve added more things on my plate that don’t need to be there and shouldn’t be there. It’s really NOT productive things that are really earning me anymore money or helping me really reach my end goal.

I have been looking at my calendar that I use. Yes, I still use those standard Academic Year calendars to keep track of everything. However, I have really looked hard into getting a professional bloggers planner! I have my eye on a few of them because I do feel it would help make my life a lot easier for sure. I literally look at my calendar and read all of my notes. Then I make to-do lists based off of my notes.

I have binders filled with the details of the reviews that have to be done still. Then I have a binder filled with things that are done. That system was working brilliantly UNTIL my printer ran out of ink. Now it’s not working for me because I have product review information in my email account and not in paper form like I’m used to using.

Since reading that book though, I’ve also started setting timers for the tasks that are vital that I get done. There is truth behind knowing that you’re timed and you have a certain amount of time to get it done. Plus when my family looks at my phone and sees the timer is on they tend to respect that I’m actually working better. It’s like a silent way of saying “don’t mess with Mommy right now.” Now I need to get a big timer to set on my desk like the one on my wishlist on Amazon so EVERYONE can see it with ease and not have to worry about a phone call changing my screen.

I also use a lot of spreadsheets too to keep track of my linky information, balance of my income, and so much more. I am a huge Excel fan and use it every chance I get. I also use a lot of Chrome apps to help keep me organized too.

Plus my family has a way of making sure I get everything done too with their little reminders throughout the day. Honestly there is always something that falls through the cracks! I will never be one of those Super Moms who has everything together or everyone in line all the time. However, above all following God’s lead has been the glue to keeping my sanity.

What about you, what do you use to keep everything together?  



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  1. For organization it helps to have a shelf where you can stick labels baskets. You can do by week or subjects. I always found that helpful.

  2. I use the timer on my iPhone to set my time limits. I always used a paper planner for homeschooling. I tried a computer based one and it just didn’t work for me.


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