My Big Big Friend on Netflix – Time to Buy Big Big Friend Toys?

My kids love to discover new shows on Netflix, and one of their favorites for the past several years has been “My Big Big Friend.” The animated show, aimed at preschoolers, centers around three young kids who each have their own imaginary animal friend who helps them learn valuable life lessons. Some of the morals being taught are: telling the truth, compromising, and being a good friend.

The stars of the show are the “big big friends!” My kids have just fallen in love with Golias, the big sweet elephant, Bongo, the fun-loving Kangaroo, and Nessa, the girly pink giraffe.

The only problem is that “My Big Big Friend” is a television show that airs in Brazil and Canada, and the merchandise is only available in those countries. Even a quick internet search will show you that there are no toys, no party supplies, and almost nothing at all for those of us in the United States to buy.

So today I thought I’d share a few ideas and resources that will hopefully help the frazzled moms out there who desperately want to satisfy their kids’ demands for “My Big Big Friend!”

My Big Big Friend Toys, Ideas, and Resources

A great place to start is the My Big Big Friend Facebook page. The company posts actively and is good about interacting with their fans and answering questions. Plus, they just posted some My Big Big Friend coloring pages!

My Big Big Friend Coloring Pages

When my daughter turned two last year, she wanted a My Big Big Friend birthday party, so we gathered what resources we had, got a little creative, and threw her the party of her dreams!

My Big Big Friend Birthday PartyMy Big Big Friend Birthday Party

It’s sad that it’s basically impossible to find My Big Big Friend toys for the kids in the United States who watch the show and love it. But one possible alternative would be to search Amazon for products such as “pink giraffe” to see if you can find something resembling the characters. I think the pink giraffe below is pretty close to the one in the show, and I think a lot of little girls would call her “Nessa” just like her Big Big counterpart, and be very happy!

nessa pink giraffeMy Big Big Friend Toys Alternatives (such as pink giraffesir?t=wwwshapingupt 20&l=ur2&o=1 or blue elephants)

But products or no products, the real draw of “My Big Big Friend” is the fact that it is quality children’s programming. It’s a show that will keep my kids’ interest, teach them something about life, and I can tolerate hearing it in the background! If you have preschoolers who you think would love the show, check it out on Netflix!

Have your kids watched this show yet? 




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  1. So cute. I’ve never heard of this but I will be turning it on for my little nephew and niece when they are here as we love streaming things on Netflix.


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