Finding Faith in Others: Donated Eggs Give New Hope to Infertile Couples

Whether they go through with it or not, nearly every woman thinks about what having a child would be like. It may be something they’re anxious to do, or perhaps they want to wait until they’re older. The idea may seem completely foreign to some women, but even still, the last thing they expect is to find out their eggs aren’t viable and they can’t conceive naturally.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

For many women, making the decision to use donor eggs can be an emotional one. They may have experienced month after month of negative pregnancy tests, hormone treatments, raised expectations and crushing disappointments. Perhaps they tried traditional IVF using their own eggs before finding out it wasn’t possible. You can bet the journey to choosing donor egg has a few bumps in the road.

Finding out that you can’t conceive a child with your own eggs can be emotionally devastating. If it happens to you, you may feel sorrow, guilt, rage, or even jealousy at others you know who have gotten pregnant “without even trying.” So, before you make the decision to use donor egg as your fertility option, make sure you’re open about your emotions. If you’re not sure what it feels like to have a child who doesn’t share your DNA, seek professional guidance and advice. Also talk about it with your partner, or try talking to women who have gone through the process before you. You’ll almost certainly find that their stories are much like yours and that they share the same thoughts and feelings as you.

Many women who have explored donor egg have wondered if they were doing the right thing or if the baby would feel like their own. But many will also say that once you get that positive pregnancy test back, there will no longer be any doubt. The maternal bond goes far deeper than pure genetic makeup. You’ll experience pregnancy and know what it’s like to have a child grow inside you; you’ll, give birth to your own baby, feel them kick and hiccup and nurse him if you want to. It may not be the way you thought it would, but how many other things in life go perfectly as planned? The most important thing is that child is yours.

How Does It Work?

Donor egg treatment, particularly with newer technology and scientific advancements, is becoming increasingly accessible to all. More and more couples across the United States are using donor eggs to successfully conceive and have a child of their own. Some clinics even provide financial plans and money-back guarantees. What was previously a technology available only to the wealthy, or only offered in extreme cases, is now within your reach.

Frozen donor eggs offer couples a more economical option that still holds a high chance of success. In fact, thanks to new flash freezing techniques and improved thawing protocols, success rates are higher than ever before. Additionally, frozen donor eggs allow you to start whenever your body is ready; you no longer have to sync your menstrual cycle with that of the donor’s as you would with fresh donor eggs. With frozen donor eggs, you also have more options when it comes to donor selection. Sometimes with fresh donor eggs, you’re limited to choosing someone who lives locally to synchronize cycles and appointments.

When you use frozen donor eggs, you can browse through donors online, and choose the right one with your partner. If you’d like your child to have similar physical characteristics, you can select eye and hair color that matches your own. You can even choose by height, weight and education level. You don’t have to have any direct contact with the donor, which makes the process easier for women who wish to feel less emotional pull. Once you choose a donor and decide to move forward, you can be pregnant within just a few weeks!

Screening Processes

All donors undergo extensive prior screening. This is to rule out genetic illnesses and any abnormalities, such as drug abuse or sexually transmitted diseases. Donors are selected at the age when their eggs are most fertile, and everything is prepared to ensure you have the highest chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Your own medical history will also be reviewed and you’ll be given guidance and support throughout the whole process.

If you and your partner are dealing with infertility, you no longer have to close the door on the option of having children. It may not be the path you thought you would to take, but when you hold your child in your arms, it will feel nothing short of perfection.




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