Mega Bloks Review (Great Gift Idea for Young Kids!!)


We had the pleasure of reviewing over twelve different Mega Bloks and having some time with friends. We gave some of the Mega Bloks to the nursery at our church for the kids to enjoy there. The ladies of the church were excited to see them arrive. As I know first hand, the kids play with them for hours on end. All of our kids have been playing with them for well over a week now. I know my friends kids are doing the same.

There are just some toys that don’t pass the test of time, and you hate to dish out a bunch of money only for it to end up at the bottom of the toy box or closet. I can honestly say that this toy has NOT stayed at the bottom. It is one of the first toys Zeva plays with daily and the boys are quick to jump in on the action.

Jimmy asked Delbert in as serious tone as he could while asking an embarrassing question, “Delbert, why do we like playing with girly toys over our own??” Delbert replied back just as serious, “So that we know how to play with our wives when we get older.” The boys are preparing themselves to be able to be good husbands and fathers with “examining and testing” out all of Zeva’s toys that come in the house. This toy has the building quality they love and the girlish colors she loves. Of course, she seems to like to build things as well.

I personally am adding the remaining pieces to Zeva’s list of things she would like to have for Christmas. This product is suggested for kids ages 1-5. (Note: They do have blue ones for the boys, but it went to one of my friends house.)

**Note we may have received these products free, but it in no way affected our opinions of the products. To this day, you could walk in our house and still see these toys being played with (9/24/12.)**



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