Making History Exciting for Kids!

As parents who have actively tried engaging and inspiring our children, its methodologies. One of those ways for us has been introducing them to historical audio books from a Christian perspective. While there still is problems with what is developed toward children in this area, we want to show some different ways to help not just our children, but other children to love history.

Text and Audio resources:

When we were first getting set up, we knew that the internet had multiple resources available. We made sure to find the best deals for Directv + Internet that fit our budget. When we found one that worked for us, it was just a matter of finding reliable and entertaining sources for history.

Two really good sources for digital media have been useful to us. There are tons of free e-books, which are open under public domain laws in the United States. These can be a great tool if you are able to find some nuggets of information and tie it into something related to your local area. If not, it is easy to pull bits of information out and make them interesting to your children. If your children sometimes have trouble with reading, there is also another website which uses the same laws for free audio books. These are great tools for children if used properly, and can help any parent on a budget!

Games and Video resources:

Sometimes its attention. We found a few fun and entertaining resources that can make history fun and entertaining. One that has resources on history for children of all ages, as well as things for parents, is the website. Its as well.

National geographic has fun and exciting history videos for kids as well. These can be useful as they can help you teach local history, as well as things around the world. It covers various topics from history to culture and animals, making history seem less structured and more based around what interests your child!

Local landmarks:

When none of these things get your child excited, sometimes its hard to know where to start on looking up local historical spots. The History Channel developed an app for your phone that makes it easy to find local historical landmarks in your backyard. By using the GPS on your phone, you can plan out a whole day with the family. What makes it even better is that if you are ever on a road trip it can be spontaneous and make your kids think you have your history on the ball!

These little tips and tricks have helped us in making sure that history is not just a boring topic at school. Our kids are more aware that history happens in front of their face, and that they are a part of it. What a better way to make history fun then to make it interactive and engaging, not only for your children, but for the whole family!

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