Family Audio Adventures: Taking on the challenge of teaching children history

Teaching children history is a notoriously tricky task – and is often associated with dull lecture like sessions and facts that must be repeated and learnt off by heart.

Honestly, can any of us really say that as children we enjoyed this form of learning?

Audio Adventures is changing what it means to learn about history – teaching strong moral values through engaging audio movies that tell the tales of Christian heroes who have helped shape the world. In this blog article I take a look at all that Audio Adventures is promising for children who have, for far too long, been subjected to uninspiring text books and teaching methods.

The digital world: It’s a disappointing place

Digital mediums and technology have long since been capable of engaging children in effective ways – yet it is this same digital media – the internet, TV and a growing array of apps, that often deliver the wrong moral messages. It’s also through this promising technology that we’re often left disappointed by all that could be delivered, yet isn’t.

The digital world often places people in front of our children as those to be looked up to for moral guidance – yet these individuals, such as football stars, singers and celebrities, aren’t the ones to whom they should be looking. For this, we should briefly take a step back to the ‘Good Old’ days…

The Good Old Days of storytelling…

Jesus may well be the world’s greatest example of storytelling, yet his stories spread facts and tales of those had known. He spread the word of God from mountains and in townships. During these times it was tradition to pass down history by word of mouth alone.

In more recent times, it has been our families – elders of our units, who took on this role – passing on stories and morals.

Yet with the introduction of digital technology, it seems that this is all but dying out. And when we lose our story, our history, our heritage, we lose much more than merely a way of family coming together to learn. We lose our focus on who should be considered ripe for moral guidance.

Audio Adventures: Re-inventing what it means to learn about history

Based upon the age old culture of storytelling, Audio Adventures balances entertainment, with factual content to tell children about Christian heroes who have shown courage, changed the course of history, and shaped the world in which we live.

They’ve been created for busy parents, grandparents and caregivers and can be enjoyed together, as a family – re-igniting a passion for stories shared and engaged with together. They are as ideal for a night-time story, as they are for the home schooled child.

The power of audio

Audio is known as an incredibly effective medium through which to learn – providing a platform for a child’s imagination to flourish. It is through audio movies that children can connect to the stories being told – creating imagery in their mind that is better learned, stored and recalled. When this is combined with the talents of writers, directors and sound designers from Audio Adventures, the result is a collection of stories where both adventure, history and wholesome moral heroes await in equal measure. Better still is that these stories are suitable for kids, teens, parents and grandparents alike.

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