Madagascar Movie Party Sponsored by Children’s Claritin

Getting excited about the start of the Madgascar 1 movie starting!! :) Kids excited about the start of the Madagascar Movie.
Nothing but smiles. :)Movie started.
Enjoying popcorn and movieKids enjoying watching the movie and eating popcorn. Smile
Enjoying Madgascar 1 movieMy boys deep into the movie.
Enjoying the great outdoors. :)After getting restless for being inside, we decided to let the kids go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.
Enjoying the company of a new friend. :)I got to enjoy the wonderful company of a new friend!!!
It got hot, and they had to cool off some!! :)It got hot so we pulled out our little kiddie pool and they all squeezed into it.
Sprinklerfun3Then we got the sprinkler on for them.
mudbath1Then they got creative and decided to do a mud spa treatment on each other. There’s no need to pay for a fancy mud bath, just let your kids give you one for free. Smile
Mudbath5More mud spa treatment.

After all the outside fun, we came back in and watched Madagascar 2.

madagascar_imageThis is all in preparation of the new Madagascar 3 movie. The kids are eager for it to come out. They want us to host another movie party when it comes out. I have to admit I enjoyed the movies as much as they did and had a lot of laughs. Smile

Thank you Claritin for sponsoring this party for us.



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