Cowgirls–n-Angels-Movie Review

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This movie is a great movie worth watching with the family. IF you’re a horse lover, it’s even more enjoyable than just an average movie for the family. My kids enjoyed watching it with me and seeing all the great tricks the riders could do on horses. They also talked about it with their other family members as well. It’s a movie that won’t be easily forgotten.

I highly recommend this movie. This movie brings back a lot of memories of Tripp and I’s adventures through the years. I use to do all kinds of tricks with him, and him and I had an understanding. There’s nothing like the bond a person gains with an animal. It’s so hard to explain. A relationship with a horse is a bit different though because you can ride a horse “through the wind.”

Note: I did get the chance to view this movie for free ahead of time. However, I still would have felt this way about this movie. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love horse related things!! Smile



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