What to Look For in a Party Bus

All the rage nowadays, a party bus is the ideal transport to take you to a special event, and with absolutely everything you could possibly need on board, the party starts as soon as your group enters the vehicle. There are several companies that specialise in these amazing vehicles, and if you are thinking of hiring one, here are some helpful hints to make the selection process that little bit easier.

Inward Facing Seats

This is essential if you want the party atmosphere to get going, and with booth style benches, you are facing your friends, with only the central corridor separating you, and that happens to be the perfect distance for a social conversation. Regular buses have rows of seats that all face forward and if you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with someone on a bus, you will understand the difficulty. Whether you are looking to hire a party bus in Perth, check out the amazing vehicles at www.bustamove.com.au/, and make sure you book well in advance, as they are very busy, especially in the summer months.

High End Sound System

This is effectively the heart of the party environment, and with a range of powerful speakers and a great light show, you can literally dance the night away. A reputable supplier would be happy to play your music, in whatever form, and with a powerful amplifier and an ample supply of subwoofers, you will have your own exclusive mobile disco. The driver would he happy to act as your DJ for the evening, and he can play your favourite tunes from your smartphone or tablet device.

Great Service

If you want to get the most out of the experience, then you’ll need more than just a party bus, and the right company would supply a friendly and helpful driver who is dedicated to making the experience a memorable one for you and your guests. You can arrange for the bus to meet the group at your chosen location, and you could always spring a surprise on your friends, and watch their amazement as the party bus pulls up, lights flashing and music blaring. If your driver is a friendly type who is happy to help in any way, the trip will be relaxed and more enjoyable.

Local Knowledge

An established party bus supplier would have extensive knowledge of the best places to go, and if you have no real plan for the day, why not ask them to put together a tour? There might be a few places you were unaware of, and whatever your style, they will know the best venues to visit. If you are unfamiliar with the region, they can suggest the best local attractions, saving you time and effort.

The website should be easy to navigate and you would be able to select your vehicle, receive a quote, and make a booking within minutes. If you are planning your special trip on a national holiday, it might be an idea to book a few months in advance, as party buses are in big demand for a range of social events.




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  1. Thanks for the tip about how the sound system should be scrutinized when looking for party buses. I’m interested in renting one soon because my friends and I would like to hold a party for one of us who are about to get married. We used to barhop back in our college days so one last party would be a nice way to commemorate that friend’s final days as an unmarried woman.


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