7 Button Crafting Ideas

We have all sorts of scraps and odds and ends around the house that are tucked away in drawers and baskets for the time we think we might need them. What’s one of the more popular items packed away? Buttons. Well, it’s time to pull those buttons out and make something of them!

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

With every shirt and pair of pants we buy, our collection of buttons grows. Big, small, sparkly or matte, we have an assortment of styles and button designs at our disposal. Instead of just throwing them away to clear space in our craft drawer we should be upcycling these round, oblong and square plastic do-dads. Here are 7 button projects for when you’re all out of crafting ideas and need some new inspiration!

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1. The Button Bookmark. Dog ear-ing books is for small children and the literary perverse. It’s not just hard on the book, but when you think about it, it’s disrespectful to the author. All you’ll need to make a button bookmark is some colored paperclips, buttons and felt! Click here for the full tutorial.

2. The Button Push Pin. If you have ever accidentally dropped a push pin on the floor and found it later with the bottom of your bare foot, you know pain. To spruce up your corkboard (and save your poor feet!) super glue the bottom of a button to the top of a push pin. You’ll have yourself a bohemian-inspired calendar wall and a painless existence, at least in your workspace!

3. The Button Tree Ornament. Taking buttons that belong to the same color family, make a miniature tree Christmas tree ornament. Click here for the full tutorial.

4. The Button Keychain. Do you frequently lose your keys in your purse or backpack? How much time do you think you spend trying to fish them out of your bag? For the keychain adverse, a cluster button ring keychain will give that textural edge you need to grab those keys the first time you dip your hand into your bag.

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5. The Button Statement Necklace. If you’re a gal who loves her jewelry or a dude looking to make something special for his partner’s birthday, the button statement necklace is for you. The only tools you’ll need are buttons, (of course!) chain, thread, a threading needle and a hot glue gun. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. The Button Earring Pair. As a jewelry wearer, you’re always trying to find something new exciting to pair with your vintage duds. Have you thought about custom-making your own jewelry? Head to your local second-hand shop and look for a matching set of vintage buttons. After you’ve found and bought the perfect buttons, remove the loop from the back of the button with pliers. Take super glue and glue an earring stem to the button. After you let the buttons dry you’ll have a new pair of earrings to wear out on the town!

7. The Button Hair Ornament. Even though you have what seems like a million hairpins, you can only find like two in your medicine cabinet. Where do they all go? Does someone sneak into your apartment late at night and steal them? Don’t lose your hairpins anymore! You can update your hairstyle AND manage your hairpin stash with the button hair ornament. Taking a hairpin, button and some super glue, glue the button onto the end of the pin and voilà—you have a fancy new hair accessory.

Who knew that buttons weren’t just for fastening things, huh? Everyday objects have a lot of staying power, you just have to know what to do with it.




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