Lifetime Nicholas Sparks Deliverance Creek Movie Review

As you already know if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. When I found out that he was getting a new series on Lifetime TV Network I was scheduling it as fast as I could to record. I even made a date for Jimmy, Zeva, and I to watch this movie Saturday after a wonderful Twitter party for Deliverance Creek. We got our popcorn and curled up and watched this movie with great intensity.

Deliverance Creek is Nicholas Sparks’ creation. It is based off of the Civil War and the effects it had on the town of Deliverance Creek. It is a two-hour drama show that is about a widow who is the mother of three kids who is determined to protect her kids and land at any cost during the Civil War.

No sooner did this movie start than it ended. It was that good that we literally didn’t even notice how quickly the time went by. Now, the big HUGE drawback is this movie left us hanging not knowing what else happened. I honestly went on the hunt to find out when the second part was going to come on. I searched far and wide across my TV Guide and then I hit the Internet.

Deliverance Creek Not Renewed

I found out that Lifetime according to Twitter posts and the big fuss from the loyal Deliverance Creek fans like myself that Lifetime decided to not bring it back. I’m quite upset by that because I felt this was a great movie and had the potential to be a great series to watch. Plus it had just enough history in it to be worth sharing with my older son too. Despite being left hanging, I still say it is worth watching. Now, I’m on the hunt for Nicholas Sparks’ books on this series!

Did you get the chance to watch Deliverance Creek on Lifetime?



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  1. I unfortunately did not get to watch it but I’ll have to keep an eye out if I can catch it.

  2. I had to watch some of it on DVR, but I ended up falling asleep since I was so tired that evening. However, I do planning on finishing it. It’s sad that they’re not going to turn it into a series, because it has a lot of potential.


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