Let’s Keep Snail Mail Alive

I am a huge fan of sending snail mail to my friends and family in other states. I have encouraged my boys to be pen pals and even asked you all if you were interested in being my pen pal. Yet, I didn’t know that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month until I read Heather’s post on 10 Reasons to Send Snail Mail.

I have to admit I was quite pleased to hear this announcement from Heather. She listed off some really awesome reasons to send snail mail.

I have been doing it for several years now. Every weekend (or pretty close to it) I take time out to write four letters to four different people letting them know about my week and all the changes that have taken place. I’m always amazed how there is so much to tell them each week! I think my life is dull and boring until I tell them about everything.

As I’m writing these letters, I’m reminded of all the good things that have happened in the week. I see just how much our family has grown and learned from each other too.

My grandmother told me how much they have brightened her days. Honestly, I never dreamed it would matter that much to her. Yet, she seems to really look forward to getting them. I love knowing that she has a chance to get to know us more especially since there has been little time for that to happen in my life.

Snail mail has become a lost art in many ways. I’d love to get letters in the mailbox just as much as I enjoy seeing them in my email inbox. However, I have always felt that snail mail was a more personal way to connect with someone.

If you have any interest in being a pen pal with me feel free to click this image to gain more information.


Do you still send off snail mail letters to others?




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