The Last Ship Season Finale Review

My wife and I watched the season finale of The Last Ship last night. We enjoyed the entire season and were always eager to watch the next episode. In fact, I personally watched many of them repeatedly. Last night’s show though left me in an uproar.

Last night’s show made me think of the Jeramiah series that used to be on TV. There was only two seasons of that show, but it had a very similar apoplectic (post war) theme. Whereas, The Last Ship was a virus and Jeramiah wasn’t.

It seems that this season on TV a lot of the new shows are virus based. The Last Ship, The Strain, and Helix just to name a few of them. It seems that now a days we are being more concerned about world ending effects that we’re forgetting about the simple things in life that cause problems.

Whereas, in The Last Ship, they were starting to show more of the human factor that is involved in surviving a horrifying tragedy. The emotions between one another, the betrayal, and abuse of power by those that always think their way is the only way was all part of what made this show such an appealing show to watch.

I’m hoping that The Last Ship doesn’t lose that human emotion and connection in Season 2. I am not much of a drama show lover, but this is one show that my wife and I really enjoyed watching together. I hope it is in EARLY 2015 when it returns. I’m not sure I could stand having to wait until summer 2015 for its wonderful return. I was literally wound up wanting to know what happened to the crew last night for a while after I stopped watching it. I literally played out many different scenarios in my head.

After all, the good guy is not always the good guy and the bad guy is not always the bad guy right off the bat. Look at Robin Hood.

What were your thoughts on the season finale?




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  1. I hate when some of my favorite shows are over and I have to wait for another season. I hope you get you guys get your show back soon! lol Right now I’m missing Suits…badly. And Parenthood…but that comes back next month so that’s something!


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