They Knew It Was Destiny…

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Today’s topic is about how many couples knew when they first met their spouse that they were destined to be together. I was one of them when I met my husband, but I was to stubborn and bullheaded to actually follow my heart. However, God made him for me, and made darn certain we ended up together in the end!

I know of another amazing couple that are quite the inspiration of what love and marriage should look like. They were my ex-grandparent in-laws (I’m not sure if that’s even a term, but it’s the best I can do.) Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them to share with you, but I can picture them when they first met in my mind quite well.

I envision them being like this couple. Looking at their shadows of themselves together and knowing that they are on the long road to making their life together. This couple told me about how they met and three weeks later they were married, and at over 50 years of being married together they still looked at each with total love and devotion. They still held each other’s hands and laughed together.

I can remember looking at them with total admiration. They stated they learned that they had to give and take throughout their marriage in order for it to work. That was the advice they gave to me. As long as a couple is willing to “give and take” then they will make it through anything.

I have to say that I totally agree with them. Del gives a lot in our marriage, and I tend to take a lot more than I should. I don’t mean to be that way, but I am. I have to be reminded from time to time to give a bit more. Shoot, I was giving a lot more the other day after writing the blog post about Why I Love My Husband? because I was reminded why I love him and treasure being his wife.

This couple still picked on each other. They ensured they made the other laugh at least once a day. They remembered the importance of talking with their spouse and doing things together. They made sure everyone knew that they were a pair. They never kept any secrets from the other. They made decisions together. They put each other first after God.

This couple made me continue to believe in the value of love and marriage. They gave me hope even after my divorce from their grandson. They remained encouraging. I can’t begin to ever express how their living example of what a true marriage is has impacted my life.

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Do you know a couple who inspires you to still believe in what some consider the fairy tale of love and marriage? 




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