Keeping an Eye on Your Network

Network security is important for businesses, which is why you need the right tools. If you need help monitoring your network and the devices on it, here’s how the right software from Power Admin can help.

PA Server Monitor

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep an eye on everything, PA Server Monitor is a good choice. PA Server Monitor is server monitoring software made by IT admins who understand what typical network performance software lacks, which means it has all the features you need. Despite being designed for easy installation and use, PA Server Monitor is among the most powerful server monitoring applications and is used by companies like Symantec, Intel and Skullcandy. Some of the things you can do with PA Server Monitor include:

  • Monitor disk space
  • Monitor CPU and memory usage
  • Monitor ping response
  • Monitor Windows Event Log
  • SNMP, Traps and Syslog monitoring
  • Customizable reports and alerting
  • Works with Windows and Linux devices

PA File Sight

For companies for which privacy is a major concern, PA File Sight is the best solution. You need to make sure you and your employees are following protocol when dealing with sensitive files and information, and the best way to do that is to have some way to track files across your network. Normally, you would have no idea who may have deleted, moved or otherwise modified a file. With PA File Sight, you know who’s reading and writing to files by IP address and when those files or folders are created, deleted, moved or copied. PA File Sight even helps protect your server from ransomware.

PA Storage Monitor

When it comes to monitoring your storage space with large disk volumes, PA Storage Monitor is the software of choice. You can use PA Storage Monitor to look at one or all of your disk volumes from a remote location, giving you an instant look at how much space you have available. You can also see how much the directory has grown over time, whether or not there are any duplicate files and which files are the oldest on the drive. Additionally, you can use custom searches to find the exact files you’re looking for.

Security is crucial for businesses of all types, which is why you need the right software. By using network monitoring software to keep an eye on your network, you’re keeping yourself, your business and your customers safe.




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