Just For Fart Fun

In our household we have never been bashful about our farts. It has been a big joke that we pick on one another about. It’s yet to be determined who has the worse gas in the house. However, it is equally shared without hesitation. We literally have incenses, candles, and air fresheners on hand in every room of our house. The other day in one of I was in a  Twitter party, one of the participants stated that their mother asked her kids to draw their farts. I thought it would make for some fart fun memories in our house too. I had the kids draw what they thought their farts looked like.

Here is the results:

It brought me back to some of the other things we’ve done as kids to pick on people for farting or making farting sounds. How many of these do you remember?

Just for Fart Fun:

Farting is really a part of life, but somewhere along the way it became socially unacceptable to do it in public. (We do strive to not do it in public!!) In the comfort of our own home though, all bets are off (except when we have company!)

There have been times when I’ve told Del to take his farting elsewhere. To which he replied “Honey, we share everything 50/50 including my stinky farts.” Shortly after that I made our farting shirt thinking that many couples have this issue. Are we really the only couple that has to pick on one another about our farts?

Click the image to go order your own to wear! Join in on the fart fun!

Do you have fart fun in your home?





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  1. Hysterical really. My husband and daughter have a “load” of fun with this. I had completely forgotten how when as a kid we used to blow on our arms and make noises…thank you for that.

  2. LOL that is the cutest post! We still do funny stuff like that around here too. My son was just up and you should have “heard” the fun. Thanks for the post it’s always good to be able to laugh at yourself!


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