Is There Truly Help?

I was watching one of my favorite shows called “Switched At Birth” this past Monday, and the main topic of it is still weighing on my mind all week. One of the main characters in the show is a recovering alcoholic, and she has resorted back to drinking because she is back with her friend whom she drank with.

There are so many people who are affected by this issue and many other addictions. (As I stated in my last post, I’m addicted to overeating when I’m upset.) There are so many alcohol and drug centers in this world. Yet, it honestly seems like it’s not enough to fix this on going issue we have for becoming addicted to negative things. Alcohol and some drugs in and of itself are not a bad thing, but when used in the wrong context it can become a serious issue. Just like eating is a necessary part of life, but I eat the wrong things and eat way to many of it.

People who don’t suffer with being addicted to negative things do not even begin to understand how hard it is to break those habits. It’s almost like someone has a hold of you and is forcing you to do them. It’s a lack of will power and control. In some ways, it almost feels like your not even yourself when those moments happen.

I wonder if they are going to make this character go to a rehab center and get help. Are they going to show her as healed before the season is over or are they going to show what really does happen when someone goes off the deep end?? It’s heart wrenching to watch when you personally know so many people who suffer from it. The bad thing is the person with an addiction is not the only one who suffers… the family and friends do too!!





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