Internet Outage Problem

I do declare I can’t catch a break when it comes to our Internet situation. We have been promised for going on five years now that we were going to have high-speed Internet available at our home at a reasonable rate with high usage availability. We have done everything to try and ensure we get them to our home. We’ve recruited, hounded and even offered to help with the cost of it all. Yet, here we are, still with having to worry about not having enough data to last us through the month despite having TWO different Internet providers.
We have had Broadband Blue Internet for quite a while now. We started out on their UNLIMITED 3G network. Even though we would have to call every month to get a refresh done to our system, it worked for my online gaming needs. I was fairly happy even though I know that Crystal can work from home with various companies if we had DSL or cable for Internet service in our home.
Then my service started slowing down and they couldn’t just fix it with a refreshing anymore. I lived with the temperamental Internet service for a while. We were advised that we had to give up our unlimited plan and switch to their 60 GBs a month plan for a little bit more money per month.
That lasted for a few months. After that, the next thing I knew the day after my data usage was set to renew in the month, I had NO Internet without any notice that it was going to be turned off. We got emails after emails until the day AFTER they took their full monthly service payment (for a service I didn’t have) promising us that our plans and price points would NOT change.

The day AFTER they took their money, we got a phone call that they weren’t going to be able to offer us the 60 GBs plan anymore because the new company they were going to have to switch to no longer offered that plan. We were going to have to switch an EVEN higher priced plan and get ONLY 30 GBs a month to work with. We agreed to that change because we were given no choice.
When the new equipment arrived a week later we set it up. We had to call them to finish the process. While on the phone with them, we were informed that our new data plan would renew on the 10th instead of the 22nd. We also would have to pay for a full month’s service on the 10th (even though we just paid them a FULL months of service on the 2nd for a service we NEVER got.) We were ALSO advised that we only had 3 GBs to work with from the 7th through the 10th because we only had three days left. That caused us to tell them to take their equipment back and we were canceling their service.

The TRUE Kicker

I use my Internet for online gaming because just about every game made now requires that you’re online to play it. I’m an AVID video gamer! It has been what has kept me sane throughout my sickness. It allows me to connect with the outside world with other gamers who have become my online friends. I miss all of it.
There is NO other Internet option for me that can handle my online gaming ventures. I’m now switched to Excede Internet through Williston Custom Installations for my Internet. Excede is working, but there is a lag between sections of the game so it doesn’t allow me to perform as well as I normally would during my gaming sessions.

At Our Wits End

We have done everything we know to do to obtain DSL or Cable Internet in our home. Considering we don’t have it, we are at a financial disadvantage. Our kids are not able to use all the online resources we know that are at their disposal. We also can get ahead financially speaking because Crystal isn’t able to take on the jobs she is fully qualified to do online. I can’t finish obtaining my bachelor’s degree too. There are many reasons why the rural areas of America should be granted DSL or Cable Internet.
The mere fact that we are as close to two different service providers is a shame in and of itself. We have been promised service for over 5 years now. Now we’re placed in a situation that is only hurting us more. I don’t feel that it is fair or just.
Are you having this same issue? What are your thoughts on this issue?




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