The Most Interesting Facts About Students’ Habits

Students have a lot of habits the most interesting of which we discuss here. If they remind you of the student life, it means that you are a typical student.

What is it like to be a student nowadays?

Nowadays, students face a lot of problems and their number is not decreasing. Being a student is both interesting and difficult. But it is never boring as young people’s life is full of vivid emotions, events and even funny habits. Here, we are going to talk about different habits that enrich student life making it either more useful or funnier.

Fighting against distractions

It’s amazing how students today deal with such a great number of distractions. When studying, almost every present-day student is exposed to some kind of distraction that he, by the way, chooses himself. Studies have shown that every 6th student in the USA is listening to music and every 3d is watching videos or TV while studying. Surfing the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and many more is also a hugely popular time-consuming habit. Falling under the influence of the digital devices is caused by a rapid development of IT that has captured attention of a young generation.

Noise is not only a modern study habit but it has become a part of students’ life. Does it help them to be more focused or, on the contrary, is it a new kind of drugs? The thing is that distractions pleasing to the senses do not help to study in the traditional way but they actually foster the creation of the atmosphere for more productive and engaging studying. To some extent, loud talking heard from the screen is still considered a typical distraction.


Another habit that is not less harmful is procrastination. Almost all students like to put off studying by doing things they enjoy more, spending time on hobbies, dating, partying, sleeping, working, traveling or anything else not related to education. This is one of the most common harmful habits that half of the students enjoy to do. In autumn, most students make some kind of studying New Year commitments promising to themselves that they will be more attentive, patient, hardworking, etc. But as always something goes wrong.

Funny studying practices

When speaking about some funny studying habits, one might find a wide range of unusual rituals students have designed to make studying process easier and more entertaining. Here are only a few of them:

  • repeating to someone what you have learned or reading out loud (a roommate, date, parents, cat, toy etc.) to enlighten them
  • taking a shower before studying
  • acting out the piece of art you are reading
  • creating funny acronyms for important things and other

Good study habits

It is impossible not to mention the good studying practices, what they are aimed at, if they are effective and how to get the most out of them.

Here is a list of the most traditional practices to make your studying effective. They sound like an instruction on how to use a robot but if applied properly or in certain circumstances they work.

  • set goals. It is important to know what you like to study and stick to your studying schedule. If you were lucky to be enrolled at the educational institution you wanted, you got a chance to become a professional that loves his job. If you know your goals, it is easier to focus on studying
  • plan your studying activities. This practice is all about fighting the habit to procrastinate. It is recommended to spread the learning over the semester. Try to study at regular hours avoiding postponing. It is known that if you begin to do something early, you are succeeding easily because it is always difficult to begin
  • learn how to read a text quickly. Studies show that to read quickly you still have to be attentive regarding the meaning of the text. When reading, try to catch the main point including main concepts and ideas. If you doubt, it is better to clarify that information. By the way, if you need help of writing service to write an essay on any topic, for example, how to tame a wild tongue summary or other, you can just follow the link
  • plan your rest. A good rest and sleep is one half of the successful studying. It is not recommended to experience any stressful situations, anxiety or health problems
  • avoid taking drugs and alcohol. All harmful substances have a damaging effect on studying capabilities and overall health

Effective approaches to studying

One more bonus. To make learning more effective, you can use findings of some studies conducted by the scientists. For example, instead of sticking to one location, change it from time to time. The library is not the only place you can seat. You have to feel comfortable but awake. Also, pay attention to your learning style to find out whether you are a visual or an auditory learner and to other your talents.


To make the student life more efficient specialists in different areas give a lot of advice. You can find out whether any of the advice is helpful only if you test it.




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