How To Manage Renovation With Children In The House

No matter how you slice it, house extensions can be a stressful concept to pursue and then bring into reality. Of course, we often think of the end result and how worthy it will be before we get started, but just in the same way as we picture our brand new physique before we head to the gym and lose weight, it takes time, dedication, and commitment to ensure this process comes to the end result we’re looking for.

With careful architects and the most careful budgeting to aid you, this process can be more than achievable. Just as the dream physique you wish to build can seem far off, keep showing up and lay down a little more effort each day, and you’re sure to come to the result you’re looking for. But how can you manage a renovation of this nature when you have children to think about? It’s worth asking this question because your answer to it can dramatically alter your journey. In the following advice, we’ll help you manage this most wonderful of projects while ensuring your children are cared for, with minimum interruption to your healthy family life:

Plan Carefully

Plan carefully for your potential needs. For instance, it might be that you need to relocate your living space to the spare room upstairs due to the potential health hazards of renovation downstairs for the time being. Additionally, measures like home security may need to be improved via locked outside fencing, cameras and makeshift solid locked doors if you have opened up half of your house for access due to knocking walls through.

Consider Noise & Distraction

Noise and distraction is also essential to consider. Keeping your workload within certain times of day when your children are at school is important, and recognizing that an infant’s ears are much more sensitive to noise and their respiratory system much more vulnerable to dust can be essential. This understanding can help you cover and clean work after the daily effort, give you the right to purchase items such as door dust covers, and even spend temporary time away from the house during intensive renovation periods. Noise and distraction can be fine for one day, but children are sensitive to it, and so it’s best to plan ahead.

Managing Health Risks

It’s also important to manage the health risks of an extension. For instance, even the best dust sheets will not protect your home from becoming afflicted, even in a minor way, with construction dust. Regular ventilation and vacuuming can be essential. Additionally, ensuring that debris is carefully maintained around your property, heavy machinery is well guided and parked, and that routes cannot be accessed to your property unless going through lock and key or able to open a combination lock to the exterior fence. Remember that this is your home yes, but also a building site. To that end, we must plan to protect our health.

With this advice, we hope you can manage your renovation, even with children in the house.




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