How to Get Successful Results Using LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is one of the best lead-generating social media networks for digital marketing and for your business’ advertising strategy.  LinkedIn not only allows you to create a company page, but also a personal profile where you can promote and publish content amongst millions of professionals. It’s a great place to build lifelong connections and relationships.

When it comes to making sales, you can also use tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to allow you to further define the right audience for your business. Not only that – LinkedIn has a paid advertising platform similar to Facebook and Google. And that’s what we’ll discuss in more detail in this article.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

You might have been using the LinkedIn network for a while now. You probably know about and have seen LinkedIn ads, which are usually shown in your newsfeed or on the sidebar of LinkedIn. These ads are similar to other ads that you will see on various other social media networks, as well as Google.

Most of the time, these ads appear with some text, and a video or an image. They say “Sponsored” on them, but otherwise, they look exactly the same as other posts in your feed.

Like any other digital ad, the best LinkedIn ads contain an eye-catching creative, as well as great copy that influences the audience to click on the call-to-action button. This will take them to the landing page or website where they further convert to leads.

Why are LinkedIn ads popular?

LinkedIn holds more than 700 million members. It has a tonne of information about users. For example, their job titles, company names, company size, seniority, location, industries, and more. All this information can prove to be helpful in targeting your potential audiences. The level of detail and targeting you can get on LinkedIn ads is like no other platform. And that’s why it’s so popular.

According to the SAI (Salesforce Advertising Index) report, the clients of LinkedIn ads have more buying power compared to the average web browsers or customers. This means that you can place your ads on LinkedIn so that it could reach the precise audience who will show interest in buying your service or products.  You can’t target this kind of client on any other social media network.

Also, LinkedIn gives reporting on ad campaigns including gathering data on which individual clicked on your advertisements by industry, job title, and seniority. This data is very useful in defining the success of your ads. You can use this data to make changes to your campaign if you are not getting efficient results for your ads.

If done properly, using LinkedIn ads you can produce a lot of leads and sales for your business. For instance, if your company produces plastic injection molding parts for locomotive interiors, then you can aim your LinkedIn ad to sourcing specialists and product designers. You can maximise your budget by limiting clicks from users who are not going to convert to a lead.

Important Traits to LinkedIn Ads:

Defining Buyer Roles:

Defining the role of a buyer is the basis of a strong LinkedIn ad campaign. Look at the buyers you currently have for your product or service and try to replicate this. You can place an ad for one service or product, but if you have multiple buyer types, it might be useful to separate these. This way, each buyer role will get a different message that is relevant to them.

Quality Repetition:

When you place your ad on LinkedIn ads, this means your product or service will be reached to the right audience when you provide a particular message for your brand.  Every business person knows that LinkedIn is mainly for the B2B category, and that is why they use verbosity that provides an answer for problems that you can solve. To obtain this, you must test verbosity on LinkedIn.

Sponsored InMail:

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to use ads to send messages directly to your target customer’s inbox. It can be an extremely efficient campaign method that permits you to send customised messages. These messages appear the same as a regular LinkedIn message and give a chance to influence is a completely different way.


You can build remarketing pools on LinkedIn as you do on Facebook, based on statistical data for particular web pages. You can build the list of audience and remove people who have submitted a form on your website so that it helps you capitalise on prospects who haven’t yet converted.

How to Generate and Use LinkedIn Lead Ads?

LinkedIn provides its own form of lead ads, wide-ranging with in-app lead forms. The lead gen form of LinkedIn will be filled with the information of the users automatically that makes this option very simple for users to submit the forms quickly.

To create lead LinkedIn ads, go to the campaign manager, and then click on the “Create Campaign” tab placed on the top-right corner of your screen. Choose leads on the next screen from the objectives option.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn ads before, then you will get to see New and select ad format, then next it will ask you to set up your LinkedIn Ads targeting category. The final step is to select the ad format that you want for your ad campaigns.

Now, you can select from carousel image ads, single image ads, message ads, or video ads.  After selecting the ad form, then the next step is generating the ad campaigns. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article by Rockstar Marketing. The goal of LinkedIn is to connect professionals from all over the world and make them more efficient and successful. This persistent and clear focus on the professional division has allowed them to produce a strong B2B proposition. Any business person can grow your business using LinkedIn ads. It helps you reach and obtain more potential customers, in a targeted way that other platforms don’t allow.




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