How to Enjoy an Airport when Your Flight Has Been Delayed

The longest layover I’ve ever experienced at an airport was 25 hours! Usually when I book flights, I try to pick a flight where the layovers will be minimal. But when traveling to certain destinations, you have no choice but to have a bloody eight-hour layover if not longer. Of course the worst part is when your long layover gets delayed by an additional eight hours. What to do from going insane? Here are a few ideas of what to do when stuck in an airport.


Airports can be extremely huge. Why sit at your terminal and look at the same scenery for hours? You can burn some calories by exploring whatever part of the airport that’s available to you. Walk from restaurant to restaurant, store to store, and gate to gate. If you happen to have an exercise app of some sort, turn it on and see what kind of stats you can come up with. If you happen to have a child traveling with you (I feel bad for you), at least they’ll love the exploring.


Now that you’ve exercised, you can pretend that you’ve earned yourself a cheat meal. Explore all the great and not so great restaurants. The very first time I ever ate a soft pretzel was actually at the San Francisco airport. It was my first taste so I had nothing to compare it with but it was freaking fantastic. I was actually very annoyed I missed out on at least 19 years of pretzel eating although it’s probably for the best. That’s a lot of carbs! Airport food is pretty expensive though so as you look at the restaurants, look at how busy the places to see what other people are enjoying. I’ve been to airports all over the world and I’ve had some amazing fine dining and then some very amazing quick grab-n-go that’s some what easier on the wallet.

Call the Family

Chances are, you’re not the only one disappointed about the delayed flight. Since you have hours to kill, why not reach out to your family or friends. Instead of texting, give them a ring via an audio/video call and change it up. Call up a cousin you haven’t spoken to in ages or perhaps one of your nephews or nieces. And most definitely call your grandparents because time is precious and something they have less of. Plus it’s always nice to receive a call from family member you don’t speak to too often!

Play Games / News

The airports these days probably have more power outlets than people. Ok, that’s an exaggeration but with smartphones and tablets you can be kept busy for hours. Grab a seat next to a power source and have a go at some brain games. In my spare time, I somehow always end up in the world of news and politics. And after you’ve had enough of that, it’s time to watch a nice movie or documentary.

These are just a few of the ways I have dealt with layovers and long airport delays.




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