How to Beat the Odds in Sports Betting

There is no bulletproof strategy in conquering sports betting because it is a game influenced by numerous factors that a player can’t impact. All bettors know that the house always has an edge too and that is why sports betting is a highly lucrative industry. Therefore, it is not possible to beat a football betting site but it is possible to beat the odds meaning spotting overpriced lines. Because odds are set by bookies they are prone to mistakes, especially in its early stages of setting whilst the line hasn’t been entirely fixed. This is the moment that you are searching for to get the best value.

Finding the right moment

Think of it as browsing for early mistakes from the bookies. This is not a common occurrence but it does happen frequently especially considering the amount of betting markets worldwide. You see, odds are not just based on statistical data but on public opinion too. Therefore, if a lot of people bets on one team, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the team is a favorite in form and strength, the team could merely be popular. It’s possible but not simple to beat the odds. Let’s discuss some strategies in doing so.

Finding Events and Markets

Forget about major markets and strong leagues. Here, bookies know their jobs and won’t make a mistake. You are searching for an event in a market that is not that common, it can be a second league or a first league in the third-world country. As for the stronger markets, you may search for over-under and similar bet types.

Catch Early Odds

Your best chance in beating the odds is to capture odds when they haven’t still been shaped. Minor bookies usually wait for the major ones to provide their odds and then they shape them for their use so you need to search for the big companies and their early odds. Getting early odds is the best method. For example, imagine seeing a horse in October and he is a newcomer but a big talent. So, you can say that the horse is going to win in a particular race in February or so and catch it with odds of 30/1 whilst prior to the race the odds have already gone to 4/1 or similar. This way, you’ll be capturing a lot of value. There is always a risk associated since the horse may injure or lose.




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