How DIY Increases the Value and Character of Your Home

Home improvement continues to add value to any space. Whole television series have been devoted to before and afters, making the home of your dreams appear more attainable than ever before. 

Even social media influencers have utilized their own abilities, tools, and resources to turn their cookie-cutter homes into designer-worthy spaces. 

When you are a novice in the do-it-yourself (DIY) realm, making home improvements can be overwhelming and sometimes costly. You should begin small and grow your skill with time and experience. 

Of course, practicing is the only way to learn how to DIY. Projects that may initially seem overwhelming are often more attainable than you thought. 

These four projects can immediately add character, charm, and value to your space.

1. Paint

Paint is the number one change you can make that has the biggest impact for the least amount of money. Paint can be used to refresh your walls, update your doors and cabinets, and even change your floors. 

Not only is paint a game changer for the interior of your home – but for the exterior of your home as well. Paint can instantly add character – even if it’s just painting your front door. 

2. Trim/Wainscotting

Adding trim to your windows or around your doors helps elevate your home’s finishes and give it a more high-end look. By adding wainscotting, you can further elevate the design elements in your home. By doing it yourself, you can save thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of the space.

Additional wall features that can be easily added to create character in your home are shiplap, ceiling medallions, and wall trim. Adding these architectural details instantly elevates your home from cookie-cutter to designer. 

3. Fireplace

A fireplace is often the centerpiece and focal point of a room. It acts as a gathering place on cold nights, creates ambiance in the evenings, and plays a role in holiday decor and celebrations.

Many homes do not have a fireplace, making it difficult to maximize the comfort a fireplace can bring. Adding a fireplace to your home does not mean you need an additional venting system or the use of a chimney. There are many fireplace inserts that have the look and feel of a real fireplace but without the added costs.

4. Update Fixtures and Hardware

Updating light fixtures, faucets, door knobs, hinges, and hardware aid in elevating your home. These things can become outdated, dingy, and dilapidated with time. 

By investing time and money into these updates, you instantly brighten, enliven, and change the whole feel of your home. These relatively inexpensive and easy fixes can instantly upgrade your home as well, giving you the most impactful bang for your buck.


You no longer need to look at pictures online, wishing you had a similarly lovely home. You can begin to make impactful changes to your home that add character and charm. By utilizing your resources and time, you can start to design and build a home you truly desire.



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