Organize Your Social Media is a website that allows you to put all of your social media information in one spot. I’m learning as a blogger how valuable of a trait that can be. I know for myself, going from each individual social media site definitely adds a lot of extra time to my day.

I’m still on the hunt to find ways to make this whole social media lifestyle easier to manage. Of course, along the way, I also have to learn new technical skills as well. I laugh because my husband is going to college to learn web design and he’s learning a lot of neat things, but he’s learning WordPress related items.

I am considering changing my blog over to WordPress, but I don’t have the huge chunk of money to do that currently. Plus I won’t lie, once I’m attached to doing things a certain way, I don’t like to change too much. Blogger is easier for me to use in my book. I do want to take my blog to highest level that is possible to go though, so one day I am going to have to make the switch. I know Del will do it for me once he learns everything there is to learn concerning WordPress and all of the other great features that are needed to enhance a web page.

I have looked into several different programs to manage my social media stuff. I think this one is also worth considering using.
What program do you use?



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