Hot Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is almost upon us and if you love to entertain at home, now is the time to engage those brain cells and start to plan the very best social get together (or two). It might be a birthday, anniversary, or just a good excuse for gathering family and friends and enjoying the great Australian summer, whatever the reason, here are a few tips to ensure that your party goes with a swing.


Shading and Screening

It is essential that your outdoor space is adequately protected and marquee hire is probably the best idea. There are online party hire firms who stock absolutely everything you might need for your summer party, and that includes a sound system, a dance floor and anything else you might need. It is advisable to draw up a list of essentials before ordering your marquee and if you’re lucky, you can source everything you need in a single shop.

Invite the Neighbors

This will ensure that you don’t get complaints about the loud music and even if some of your neighbors decline your offer, you have at least made the effort. Make sure there is adequate parking for your guests, which might involve asking neighbors if guests can park outside their property.

The Sound System

Music makes or breaks any party and it can be difficult to achieve a balance regarding volume. If your sound system is up to the task, fine, otherwise, you can hire one from the party hire company that supplies the marquee and other items you need. Create a few playlists that you think your guests will enjoy and you can always ask people to bring their own playlists on a memory stick, which keeps everyone happy.

Food and Drink

One cannot stint on the refreshments, and if you are the kind of person who relishes preparing dishes, so much the better. Otherwise you can enlist the help of an outdoor caterer, who would have a range of buffet menus and can even tailor the menu to suit. Make sure you have an endless supply of ice on tap (ice making machines are available for short term rental) and a good supply of beers, wines and spirits and don’t forget the mixers!

The Guest List

One has to be careful, especially if space is limited and while you might like to invite all and sundry, be careful you don’t overdo the invitations. People like to plan their summers, so send out your invitations well in advance and ask for confirmation, which will allow you to correctly prepare.

It is always a good idea to offer overnight accommodation, as a few of the revelers will not want to drive home. A few sleeping bags on the living room floor will do the trick and if you have a spare room, a little preparation will not go amiss.

Planning is the key to a successful party and with online party hire companies, you can have everything you need delivered to your door.




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