Hidden Under Her Heart Book Review

If I had to choose this book off a shelf judging by the cover alone, I can say chances are high I never would have read this book. Since I was given this book to review in exchange for a blog post, I had it in my hands to read. Boy was I glad I applied for this chance!!

Hidden Under Her Heart truly touched my heart. I’ve often wondered what my life would have been like had my sexual abusers gotten me pregnant. My Mom and I both felt like a woman who got raped should have the right to abort the baby if she were to end up pregnant as a result. However, that was also before I was a mother that I had that opinion. It was also before my Mom gave her heart completely to God too. I don’t know if her opinion changed after that major life event because we never talked about it again, but I imagine it had to of.

Hidden Under Her Heart

This book does a remarkable job of giving all points of views from all the people who are affected by the choice of abortion. Abortion is a very touchy subject, but yet there are few who actually truly talk about it completely! Even during the debates throughout political campaigns they don’t talk about how it really affects a person to do it. They just act like that little being is nothing at all?

Since I got to see Zeva in me from the time I was 7 weeks pregnant, I have an even greater appreciation for the fact that even at that young stage of the life of a child that it is in fact A LIFE. Zeva and my first born both made me very sick from the word go, and they both made me fully aware that they were a living growing child.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first born so many thoughts went through my mind. There was even a period where I wondered if I should continue with the pregnancy. I knew my husband probably regretted marrying me because I was so insecure. I was miserable beyond words, and I felt totally utterly alone during the first few months of the pregnancy. Despite all of those thoughts, I could NEVER bring myself to kill her.

I praise God that I couldn’t because she was literally my angel! I miss her so much and love her. However, I also knew that I wasn’t the one who was supposed to raise her all of her life long before she was born. There are many parents who know that before they give birth and that’s why adoption becomes an option that is worth taking. In my case though, I knew she was supposed to be with her Daddy.

There is so much that I could say on this topic alone. However, this book does a remarkable job of giving a fictional story that literally comes to life and has such a sense of reality to it that you forget it’s a piece of fiction.

Hidden Under Her Heart is only .99 for the Kindle version. You can’t go wrong with getting it. It’s a remarkable read. It will definitely give you something to ponder on.

Do you know someone who has had an abortion? How has it shaped their lives? 

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