Here to Help Learning Review

Teaching the kids the fine art of writing for me has become the most challenging topic to teach. I am probably making it far harder than it has to be, but I feel that writing is a personal experience. My writing has always come from my heart and thoughts. I have not truly focused on keeping up with my grammar skills through the years and therefore, I’ve lost most of what I was taught. This year I’m determined to enhance the kids writing skills (and also boast my own writing back up to what it was when I was in high school at least!) We’ve been blessed with the chance to review some additional resources this year to help us with this mission through the Schoolhouse ReviewCrew. The first program we got to review is the digital online version of the Flight 1 Paragraph Writing Here to Help Learning  program.

Here to Help Learning Review

About Here to Help Learning

Here to Help Learning is a Christian educational program designed to help teach kids to learn to write in a unique manner. Here to Help Learning is set up similar to a DVD Bible study. During the DVD Bible studies I’ve attended, there was a bit of a lesson given on DVD, and then we’d pause it to do our projects and discussions and go back to the DVD for further references.

If you get the physical supplies of this product, you’ll get the physical DVDs and a physical teacher guide and student workbook. I got to review the online material only. This system is set up to where you have the video portion guiding both the instructor and the students along through the process of learning.

I got to review the online material only. This system is set up to where you have the video portion guiding both the instructor and the students along through the process of learning. Your students create a binder filled with the material given to finish out. Your kids can create their own binders to help showcase their work for each level.

How We Used It

We reviewed the Flight 1 Paragraph course. I helped the kids set up their own lap books and through their assignment. It was neat to see them not only learning a Bible verse but learning how to expand upon their writing skills in this homeschool writing program. The instructor came across as though she was talking to a young audience. For Jimmy, that was a bit of a turn-off, but Delbert and Zeva soaked up her videos. They liked making their own binders filled with the resources they needed to become better writers. The more lap books they make and the way they soak up the information in them, the more I’m becoming a fan of them. As their “teacher”, I’m given all the resources I need to be prepared to teach them without feeling like I’m out to sea treading water hoping I’m making progress with them.

Gain More Information

You can learn more about this program designed for kids in grades 1-6 by visiting the Here to Help Learning website. You can even gain a one day pass to explore the site yourself! I’m pretty confident that you will find many things of value for your family from this site. Once you explore the site, you’ll see that it is a bargain to get access to all of these lessons for $6.99 a month (there is a 14-day trial.) You can also connect with Here to Help Learning on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Do you feel your kids would benefit from this type of homeschool writing program? 

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Here to Help Learning Review

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